There are those who, despite certain knowledge that they cannot win, will nonetheless draw their sword and fight on until they be cut down; those who would rather perish in the endeavor than flee their duty. These brave souls inspire us and urge us on in the face of insurmountable odds. This “warrior heart” mentality is to be found throughout the Bible! We took our text from just such a “soldier’s chapter” this past Sunday evening in the sermon, “Will You Stand?” found in 2nd Samuel 23:8-11! There we get to read about a great battle where a horde of barbarous Philistines [enemies of God, his people and their King, David] had gathered together to fight against them. The children of Israel had fled from them like schoolgirls. But the Bible says David defied the Philistines and refused to run! I like that! I like to read accounts of great men who will not cow down and be conquered and enslaved! I always liked the old saying “you may fight me and win, but you will have to fight me nonetheless”. David faces this army of Philistines defiantly with just a few remaining soldiers, but oh what soldiers! Such gallant men that God has the Holy Spirit record their introduction as “These be the names of the mighty men whom David had:” He has sacred principals to defend – right is right after all! So, we are told that standing in defiance with him that day were these three super soldiers who were so unrelenting and indomitable that they were famously referred to in the scriptures as “the mighty men of David”. Among these three was a soldier named Eleazar.  When the battle commenced and wave after wave of Philistines rushed in, they found themselves like jackals facing a lion. Eleazar’s terrible sword was a maelstrom of blows, parry, stroke and thrust. The Philistines fell before him like corn before a combine. All day long they hurled themselves at these warriors trying to break their defenses and all day long these three, with Eleazar in the middle, slew them like cattle. How many enemies of God died that day? How many fell before these three gallant warriors? We are not told the number. But what we are told is that David and these “mighty men” stood their ground! I admit I love this story of bravery and honor! In these days of compromise and false teaching and rampant sin – we need more soldiers! We need some men and women who won’t run from the hordes of Philistines {those who resist the Godly, challenge things Biblical and normal, those who propose acceptance of defiled and perverse lifestyles which contradict the word of God}. We need some mothers who will be Biblical mothers and raise their children right! We need some men who will defy the hordes of compromisers and liberals and anti-Christian ideals. Sin abounds in our country because far too many are embracing the enemies of God instead of opposing them. Yes, there is a price for standing against filthiness and sin. Yes, it may cost you friends. You may have to stand alone! One day your children are going to need to know how to stand alone, will you be their example? How shall your children have courage to stand if you never let them see you do so? Will you stand? We invite you to take up your sword (Bible) and come make your stand with us at Calvary Baptist Church across from Pizza Hut on the loop.