Many times, in my life I have looked at others and wondered why they seemed to have it so easy, yet I have had it so hard. Not only have I wondered this myself, but I have had many ask me this question of their own lives. I don’t know how many times I have spoken with teary eyed sons and broken-hearted daughters in the concrete coldness of a jail cell as they asked, “why me pastor”? Why does it always seem to be so hard in my life? My burden is more than I can bear”. If you’ll permit me, I’d like to share an encouragement that has helped me over the years. In Numbers chapter 7 vs. 1, that amazing Bible tells us that the day Moses finished setting up and sanctifying the “tabernacle” that the ‘princes of Egypt’ brought their offering to the Lord. They brought oxen and wagons and the Lord told Moses that He wanted him to distribute those wagons and oxen to 3 distinct families to be used in their ‘service’ of the tabernacle. Vs 6-9 tells us how he distributed them: 2 wagons and 4 oxen to the sons of Gershom. Then 4 wagons and 8 oxen to the sons of Merari for their service. However, for the last family, called the sons of Kohath, he did not give a single wagon and not one ox. Not one! Gershom was responsible to move all the tapestries and coverings, Merari was responsible for the boards and frameworks. But Kohath was charged with moving all the interior holy things of the Lord [Numbers 4:1-15]. If you didn’t know better, it might seem like the sons of Kohath got “the short end of the stick” but in actuality their duty is one ‘most precious’. To be entrusted with the Holy things of the tabernacle. The golden dishes, staves, the coverings for the table, the beautiful candlestick, the lamps, the oil vessels of God! The instruments, the censors, the fleshhooks, the shovels! The very things that were used to offer your sacrifice to the Lord for your sins! What a sweet labor to be entrusted of God! The Lord has precious burdens for us all. Job bore loss, disease, depression, discouragement, harsh solitude. He endured suffering and affliction, but don’t forget by the last chapter, Job’s burdens were revealed to be precious blessings for the labor he endured. At the end, God said of Job “go to my servant Job, and offer up for yourselves a burnt offering; and my servant Job shall pray for you: for him will I accept:” Not only that, but “So the Lord blessed the latter end of Job more than the beginning” and Job lived 140 and saw four generations of his sons! God’s burdens come in odd shapes and sizes and may at first not seem so wonderful. Some of my burdens weren’t from the Lord at all. They were burdens I laid on my own shoulders. But every cross and burden the great King has laid on my shoulders has proven, in the end, to be for my own good and I learn to praise Him for them. It is an honor and a privilege to be entrusted with a labor for the Lord. If God gave you a burden to bear, congratulations! He doesn’t trust just anyone with it. Calvary Baptist Church is a Fundamental Independent Old fashioned King James Bible believing church across from Pizza Hut on the loop in Palestine. Visit us on the web at  Call us at 903-729-5924.