This past Sunday evening at Calvary, we looked into Solomon’s proverb recorded in Chapter 19 verse 3 which says “The foolishness of man perverteth his way: and his heart fretteth against the Lord”. The “butterbeans & cornbread commentary” {by which I mean my own} is this: Many times have you and I both heard someone, who ever chases after trouble and creates strife and hardship for themselves by their own choices, then blames God for the hard life they suffer as a result of those choices.  For example, take a lady I met who professed to be a Christian. She had lost her children, her marriage, and friends and had estranged her own family. She’d created a drug habit, fallen in with bad company, and landed in hot water with the courts.  When she came to me for counsel she was angry at God for ‘doing these things to her’. But let us look again at our verse and see if her bitterness against God was justified.  Now according to Hebrews 12, God does deal out chastisement to His children for their choices and He does so in love to correct us [Hebrews 12:5-11] just as a loving parent must correct wrong behavior in a child.  However that doesn’t necessarily mean that every hardship we face in life is the result of God’s chastisement for sinful behavior.  In our text verse we read “The foolishness of man perverteth his way” – in the case of the “lost man”, this means his own foolishness directs his steps, dictates his choices and brings about his ruin {see Proverbs 13:15}. In the case of the “saved man”, this means by refusing to live his life according to the guidance of God’s word (the Bible), a man makes foolish decisions and more oft than not those decisions bring about hard consequences. Sometimes men, unwilling to admit they chose to ignore Biblical precepts, turn their anger from themselves and instead blame God. We all know someone who blames everyone but themselves for their own hard life; parents, siblings, employer, friends, God, the Devil…always it is someone else’s fault. A fellow makes foolish choices and then when the consequences of those choices bring forth their fruit, he shakes his fist at God (his heart fretteth against God).  Take a look at James 1:13, Proverbs 16:2, 12:15. Jeremiah 8:6 tells us it would be wise for us to look in the mirror and ask our own self “What Have I Done”? And yet I would say “there is hope” even for those in such circumstances! But a requirement is that we admit our sins (Psalm 51:3, Isaiah 59:2, 3, 12). That we “repent of our sins” (Acts 17:30) and beg God’s mercy & forgiveness (Psalm 51). As for me my biggest problem isn’t God punishing me, it is my own choices bringing about their consequences! Thank God for His loving mercies. I am the pastor of Calvary Baptist Church across from Pizza Hut on the loop and I invite you to come search the scriptures with us!