Sunday morning we were taken back to Mark chapter 5 vs 1-20 for the morning sermon. There of course we read about the devil possessed man who, seeing Jesus step out of a boat on the shores of the Gadarenes, ran to him. This man, we read, had been a long time naked in the mountains and in the tombs cutting himself with rocks as he wailed, moaned and cried. We read that he had many times been captured and taken home but soon had torn off chains and fetters and escaped again. It is humorous and sad to hear the members of cults claim that Jesus is not God {just as is the Holy Ghost} and part of the Trinity of God {One God in three persons}. Here in this text even the devils, having seen him with spiritual eyes for endless eons, know exactly who Jesus is and they fear him [vs 7] (See Matthew 8 vs 28-29) [Not surprisingly the New American Standard version removes “Jesus” from the text in vs 29 there].

As you read on in Mark we learn that the men of the place were quick to ask Jesus to leave and that the man he’d healed asked if he could go with him but Jesus told him to stay there and tell folks what God had done for him. With that in mind let’s imagine what it might have been like for his wife and children when he arrived home cured! Can you imagine the shouts of joy? Can you see his children piled on him in the doorway when they realize Daddy has come home a new man! How long have they prayed and waited and hoped that God might help their daddy? How long has his wife begged God to have mercy on her poor husband? Perhaps you are thinking “well pastor Harrison the Bible doesn’t even say he had a wife”. I know, I’m just asking you to use your imagination and explore it a little…Perhaps he had no wife, but let us imagine his dear parent’s reactions when they see their son come walking up the road home (not bleeding, not naked, not crying and wailing, not being dragged by men who’ve caught him again Mark 5:4). No, this time he is walking…dressed…with a smile on his face praising the great King!

Can you imagine the tears running down his mother’s face as she realizes God has taken her son from the hand of the Devil and given him back to her?! How long have they waited for this day? I wonder friends, who is waiting for you to get saved? Who has knelt by their bed for years and begged God to save you? Well #1 I think God has been waiting for you to get saved! #2 I think Heaven and loved ones there are waiting for you to get saved! #3 I think your family is waiting for you to get saved! Maybe a wife / husband is waiting! Maybe parents are waiting! Maybe your children are waiting! #4 All those whom you’ll touch for God are waiting for you! How many others did this man tell about that fateful day when the Son of the Living God and center of the universe stepped out of a boat and changed his life forever? Come as you are but don’t expect Jesus to leave you the same!