In Genesis 31 we find a man named Jacob in the middle of a confrontation with his uncle Laban. Jacob had worked for a long time for Laban and throughout that time Laban has taken advantage and made great profits at Jacob’s expense. During this confrontation, Jacob is rebuking Laban and rightly so. Laban has been stacking the deck so to speak for years and years. He’s really done Jacob wrong. So in the midst of pointing out how poorly Laban has treated him, Jacob says [vs 39-42] ‘you know you have really been unfair to me and the truth is that if God hadn’t helped and been with me during these years I am sure you’d have robbed me of my rightful earnings and thrown me out in the street’. Take a look at the way the scripture has it in verse 42 “Except the God of my father … had been with me, surely thou hadst sent me away empty…” In other words, Jacob said that he was sure that if it had not been for God’s help and mercy and protection, things would have gone much different than they did.

How true that is in my own life! As I look back through the years now at the times I’ve seen, places I’ve been, chances and choices both good and bad I can see God’s hand all over it guiding and leading and steering. There have been deep pits on the left hand and on the right that I could have easily fallen into, but God has been with me and I can see that as plain as day. How about you Sir / Ma’am? Had it not been for God perhaps that great job you had all those years would not have been yours? Had it not been for God perhaps that Godly husband that has loved you all these years would not have seen you? Perhaps sir, had it not been for God’s providence that precious wife would not have accepted your proposal. Had it not been for God perhaps you would have died in that wreck you walked away from? Where would you be if not for God going through this life with you? Perhaps instead of being in a church listening to the preaching of the truth you might be sitting in a jail cell with a ruined life? Perhaps you would be sitting in a bar with some adulterer? What a different life you might be living today IF GOD had not been with you. You could be lost and on your way to a horror beyond imagination!

I wonder my friend, as you look at your life, – can you say “God is with me and I can see his hand leading in my life?”, or is it rather that you know in your heart that you are not His child? If you are saved it is certain that He has tried to lead you in a right path. If you are not His child it is certain that He has tried, perhaps over and over, to call you to Himself [John 14:6]. Perhaps you not sure? You can be!