Our earnest prayer during this past week of dark and cold has been that the God we must all stand and face would be gentle and merciful to all those without heat, without water and without power. Despite the terrible consequences of this past week, I am thankful it was not far worse. For me, being in the dark has been difficult. Sitting at the table struggling to read my bible with a candle. As I sat there moving the candle around to get more light, I was reminded of three of the times God turned off the light in this world. One of those times was in the land of Egypt when God sent a plague of darkness into the lives and homes of the Egyptians for three days [Exodus 10:21-23]. A darkness so intense you could feel it and touch it. For three days the Egyptians saw nothing and didn’t move from their chair or bed. Imagine a darkness so deep that a lighted candle held in front of your face isn’t visible! Imagine a darkness so deep a burning torch won’t give you any light at all. Another time God turned off the light was back there when our Lord hung on the cross in [Matthew 27:45-46]. It was another sign to show that men sit in darkness and in their darkness, men are condemned. “I am the light of the world” [John 8:12] he that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life”. You see? God IS merciful and He gave us the one and only light – Christ Jesus. John 3:19 he told us “…this is the condemnation, that light is come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil”. No wonder that one of the plagues was darkness. No wonder we find God again reminding men that this world is in darkness but Christ is the light of the world. What better place to remind us of that than when Christ was crucified?! Three days of darkness for a plague upon wicked Egypt. Three hours of darkness for the Jews in their rejection of Christ.  Oh, but that’s not the last time God is going to turn off the light on this world. Join me in the great terror of Revelation Chapter 6 vs 12. Here a billion people have already died under the horrors of the four horsemen seals [vs 1-8] by war, starvation, pestilence, and chaos beyond imagining. All infrastructures will have been decimated. There won’t be power, water, stores, fuel or basic necessities. There won’t be operational hospitals or nursing homes. For the vast majority of people those things will have all but ended. Can you imagine it? Even then that is not the worst of it…verse 12 will bring the most horrible earthquake the earth has ever known. A global earthquake that will level and reshape every mountain range on earth. This earthquake will happen in the pitch darkness of a Sun as black as a raven and with a moon the color of blood. What a horrible prophecy is yet to be fulfilled! I am glad that if you are reading this and you’re a born-again child of the King, you won’t be there when God turns off the light on this little mud ball again. This is pastor Malcolm Harrison of Calvary Baptist Church inviting you to come, fellowship and study and grow in grace with us! Find us on the internet before we get banned! Calvary Baptist Church! www calvarybcpalestine.com