I cannot imagine what it was like for Solomon; the smartest & wisest man who ever lived. To help him govern, Solomon once asked the Lord for such wisdom to help him make decisions regarding the people [1st Kings 3:7-14] and God gave Solomon wisdom in abundance. We are permitted a brief glimpse of this wisdom on the pages of Ecclesiastes. Turn with me in your AV1611 Bible to Ecclesiastes 3:1-22 and read this chapter full of wisdom. Your time would not be wasted to just chew on each of these 22 verses one at a time, but let me call your attention this week to verse 6. To everything there is a season, and time to every purpose under the heaven… “A time to get and a time to lose; a time to keep and a time to cast away;” For some, it is long past the time when they should be getting 1. Serious About Their Future! 2. Their marriage, 3. Their spouse, 4. Their children, 5. Their walk with the Lord. Is it not long past time to “GET” into God’s word and “GET” it into our hearts? Notice also a time to LOSE: The more you think about it the more you realize the truth of it. Some things I’ve had to LOSE in life, although they seemed painful at the time, have worked out rather for the best. For example I’ve lost some friends who weren’t friends, I’ve lost some words that weren’t appropriate for a Christian tongue, I’ve lost some thoughts that weren’t consistent with a Christian mind. Are there some things you need to lose? Perhaps some arguments with God? Perhaps some arguments with a husband or loved one. Ah notice next a time to KEEP. I always wonder why so many younger generations abandon the things they should keep and take up new and untrustworthy things they shouldn’t? But wisdom and life have shown me much and I am keeping some things to the end! My old Bible! My old hymnal! My old fashioned spirit-filled, loud preaching, Bible believing church! I am going to keep my ‘yes ma’am and no sir’, my no hat at the table and I am keeping my Christianity loud, proud and if you don’t that’s your loss! Last see that there is a time to CAST AWAY: Some things need to be not only dropped, they need to be hurled as far as we can throw them! As a servant of the Living God I’d tell you quick you need to CAST AWAY un-forgiveness, hard-heartedness, hypocrisy, unfaithfulness, insincerity and most of all cast away pride. Pride is dangerous and venomous. This is a good time for us all to ask ourselves as we begin a new ‘SEASON’ of life – What do I need to GET, what do I need to LOSE, what do I need to KEEP and what do I need to CAST AWAY! I am certain that if you will be honest with yourself you’ll see some things that fall in all four categories. So as we begin this New Year let me ask you ‘What time is it at your house’? Lastly let me assure you, it is long past time for you to honor God’s command to gather with the church!