Let me call your attention this week to the scriptures in Joshua chapter 3 and 4 where God used Joshua to lead his chosen earthly people {the Jews} across the Jordan river into the land He gave them. In these two chapters God caused the flood waters of Jordan to pile up on themselves and allow the children of Israel to walk across the Jordan riverbed on dry ground! To commemorate the event God directed Joshua to set up a stone memorial as a reminder. 12 stones from the Jordan riverbed stacked up which would remain there to point out history. God told Joshua this stack of stones was to remain there so that as future generations of their children saw it they would ask the question “WHAT MEAN YE BY THESE STONES”. Thus, the adults would tell them how God held back the Jordan as a proof that He was among them and would drive out all peoples before them [Joshua 3:10] and give them the land. Many verses of scripture are themselves history lessons. If there are no stones of memorial the youth have no reminders of the past and the past is the foundation on which any future is constructed.  The Living God has designed even our very lives to be built upon history. We raise our children based upon what we have learned as adults, based upon our own history of life. Life teaches us its lessons and we in turn teach those lessons of history to our children and they teach what they learned to their own children. As we age, we see the lines of our history written on our very faces. Every time we look in the mirror there is our history staring back at us. No doubt you and I both have some great history in our life and some unpleasant history. But do we not learn as much from one as from the other? There is much history in my life which I am not proud of. But given the chance I would not forget it. It reminds me where God brought me from! I would not tear down the memorials of my history lest I forget the lessons, the tears, or the blessings. Like you, I bear some scars from old events and injuries. Why do you suppose it is that God designed our fleshly bodies to retain some scars? He could easily have made them otherwise but no, He designed them to both heal and yet have scars. Are these not just reminders? Memorials of sorts that serve as reminders. Look in the mirror and see that this is so. Even your face is a historical record. Are not your mother and father there in that reflection? Do you not see your grandparents there? History is important – be it good or bad. If it were not so, why do you think God spent so much time telling you the real history of man in the Bible? I do not know how long Joshua’s stones of memorial stood before they were thrown down by time OR by someone who despised what they stood for. What stones are you setting up in the lives of your children, grandchildren which will have them to ask what they mean, so that you may be able to show them what God has done in your life?  Calvary Baptist Church is the place for you!  Come and join us at Calvary or visit us on the web at www.calvarybcpalestine.com  We’re across from the Pizza Hut on the loop. 903-729-5924.