This past Sunday morning at Calvary we took our text from Nehemiah chapter 1:1-5 and chapter 4:1-15. I’d recommend you read those now. Nehemiah is among those Jews being held captive by the Iranians (Persians) of his time, but he’s going to be sent back to Jerusalem to rebuild the decimated “capital city” of the Jews. Even though this was roughly 500 B.C., the rebuilding of Jerusalem by the Jews caused outrage among the enemies of God back then, just like it would if it were done today. [This would be a good time for you to take a little peek at Revelation 21:9-10 where Christians, and only Christians, get to see ‘The Jerusalem’]. But let’s move on quickly – look closely at Nehemiah 4:1-3 and see how the anti-God crowd mocked the Jews and then read Nehemiah’s prayer in verse 4-5 where he asked God to “turn their reproach upon their own head”. So, Nehemiah spearheads the rebuilding of the walls and gates of Jerusalem and the enemies of the Jews said something very interesting – and I’d like to call it to your attention. It is 4:10 where the Jews, seeing just how bad it was, said ‘…things are so bad, it’s so far gone, there’s nothing but wreckage and debris…we can’t do it’. Moreover, their enemies said [vs 10] “They shall not know, neither see, till we come in the midst of them, and slay them…”. Their enemies know that since the Jews are ready and watching for a fight [vs 9], it would be stupid to attack them at their strongest and most alert condition. Much smarter to find a weak spot where an enemy is unexpected. So instead, their enemies plot and scheme of a way to sneak inside so they can attack from within [vs 11].  If you were the commander of an army and you were planning the attack, would you pick the strongest most heavily defended spot to attack? No, of course not. If you could discover a way to get your army into the most vulnerable spot behind the enemy’s defenses, you could launch your attack with such speed and surprise that by the time the enemy realized it – it is inevitable. They’ll be defeated almost before they realize what has happened.  The devil is plotting just such an attack on you, on your home, your family.  His soldiers do damage within. They sabotage with arguing, bickering, fighting and keeping your family too busy, too disgusted to pray. He urges you to use that excuse and stay home from church. They whisper, “you went this morning, that’s good enough, stay home tonight”. What adversaries are already behind your defenses?  I wonder Christian, has your adversary [1st Pet 5:8] already gotten some of his soldiers into your home? Has he already filled your children’s hearts with profanity, nudity, promiscuity, fornication and pride? Has he already got them doubting what you say and questioning what you believe?  Can I warn you Christian? Your adversary is plotting and scheming even now. Has he already gotten pride, envy, jealousy, bitterness, apathy inside your walls?  How long has he been whispering to your husband ma’am? Have you noticed that couple that doesn’t come on Sunday night / Wednesday night anymore preacher? What enemy is whispering in their ear to turn them away from God?  What enemies are already in your house concealed inside movies, books, video games and friends? We invite you to bring your Bible and come strengthen the foundations, rebuild the walls and reset the gates at Calvary Baptist Church! 903-729-5924