This week we have a much needed but sad message to chew on. I have heard it said many times “you brought nothing into this world and you take nothing out” and while I understand that in a manner of speaking that is true, on the other hand and in another manner of speaking it is entirely false. This week let us examine the question – “what does a lost person take to hell with them”?

There are those who go door to door in Palestine sharing their belief that there is no such place as Hell. I don’t blame them for clinging to this self-delusion. After all, who wants to face a horrible truth when making up a happy story is so much easier? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if there was no hell, no torment for the wicked, no place of eternal damnation? Then we wouldn’t have to worry about our loved ones who lived wicked rebellious lives and denied God. We wouldn’t have to live with the knowledge that a loved one denied God, rejected the Bible and died lost. We wouldn’t have to live knowing that millions are screaming and clawing in Hell this very moment and that our loved one is among them. Make no mistake friend – there most certainly IS A HELL.

Isn’t it ironic, we tell our children that there are no monsters and that Santa is real. Then they grow up and find out monsters are real and Santa isn’t. What will a lost person take to Hell with them? 1. They’ll take with them every single rejection of the gospel [Luke 10:13-15]. In hell there is remembrance of all the times they rejected the truth of the Bible. Every time they laughed it off will be crystal clear. Every invitation to come to church and every altar call they refused. 2. They’ll take the memory of loved ones left behind [Luke 16:28]. There the rich man feared for his brothers left behind. He feared they too would join him in that place of fiery torment he didn’t believe existed in life. Notice there also that the lost rich man never asked to be released from hell! Why? Because he knew he could not get out and he was beyond hope of being saved. 3. Lost people take with them all hope of ever being saved. There is no purgatory. I wish there was but let us lay aside childish things and become men and women who face the truth. A lost man or woman takes to hell all their mother’s hopes and all their father’s hopes that they went into the presence of the Lamb. 4. Lost people take with them all their hatred, all their bitterness, all their aspirations, hopes and dreams. 5. A lost person takes hearts with them. I have seen, probably so have you, a mother and father who buried their heart along with their rebellious son or daughter who, though raised right, grew up and turned against God.

I tell you a lost person most certainly does take things with them to Hell. Perhaps there is still hope! Perhaps there is still time! May I urge you again this week to share the gospel with someone while there is yet hope!