Imagine if someone barged into your house, grabbed your wife or husband, put a knife to their throat and demanded you recant your faith in Christ. Picture someone grabbing your children and threatening to kill them unless you recant your faith and deny Christ. Try to imagine someone who has the authority to have you and your wife or husband (by the Biblical definition) tied over a bench and beaten mercilessly while they compel your children to beg you to reject Christ. That was what Saul was [Acts 26]. He was the guy who would stop at nothing to force you to comply with his view.  Like many today, he thought his views should be forced upon you at any expense – your freedom to make decisions for yourself were suspended the moment they contradicted Saul’s in his view. He was miraculously saved in Acts chapter 26. There God not only saves Saul, which is a wonderful miraculous thing, but He also tells Saul that he will now be sent himself to the very people and towns where he has caused so much pain. He will be sent to preach this very Jesus he has compelled so many to deny. He will preach the miraculous salvation he has stood so hard against. Can you imagine it?  Saul must go and proclaim the very Christ he has opposed and fought and defied.  But then imagine the miracle of it! Who better to send than the very man who denied and rejected the truth of Christ?  What a contrast to send the man who had been Saul back as a completely changed and converted and saved man. Who better to show the miracle of salvation than the man who denied that there is such a thing?   Saul, who becomes Paul the Apostle, would later write to the church at Corinth that to be “in Christ” is to be changed into a completely new creation altogether.  Sadly, so many think Christianity is just another ‘religion’. For so many sad ones it is just that, a religion. An outward altering of behaviors and habits. Not so for Saul. Not so for Christianity. It is a complete and total change from within. Yes, to send Saul back to those very people who had known him as Saul the terrible was the perfect witness. Much like it is with you and me. Those who have known you as the carnal and unsaved ‘you’ should see the miracle of the NEW creature of ‘you’ [2nd Corinthians 5:17].  Is this not the case? Is not the new creation of you completely different than the former carnal cruel sinful version of you? Is not your manner of speech completely different? [Matthew 26:73]. Is it not the case that since Christ came into your heart everything is different now? Not because you force yourself to be different but rather, because you ARE different and it is impossible for you to be what you were, who you were. Are you not finding that all those who used to know you before, now cannot help but see how Christ has changed you as he changed Saul? Friend, if you are looking for a church, Calvary Baptist Church is a place for you to discover the difference between religion and Christianity. Calvary is on the Loop across from Pizza Hut. 903-729-5924. Check us out on the internet at Hear this message in its entirety by searching on Youtube for Pastor Malcolm Harrison.  Better yet come join us in worship.