At the funeral of Abner (a very famous & gallant Military General) [II Samuel 3] King David said “Died Abner as a fool dieth? Thy hands were not bound, nor thy feet put into fetters: as a man falleth before wicked men, so fellest thou” [II Samuel 3:33-34]. To “give the sense” and help you understand that, what David said was; Abner didn’t have to die this way…he was a smart man, a military man, with guards to protect him…but he foolishly walked away from his protectors and let his guard down in the presence of a known enemy. The back history is that Abner [who was a distinguished veteran soldier himself] had been forced to kill a much younger and less skilled enemy soldier named “Abishai”. Under the circumstances, Abishai had left Abner no recourse even though Abner had warned him to go get help. Unfortunately, young Abishai had an older brother named Joab. Because Abner had killed his brother, Joab had intentions to kill Abner if ever he got a chance. Abner knew this but had convinced himself that all was forgiven. Joab got Abner alone and leaned in close as though to whisper something to him and that was that. Abner never saw the knife in Joab’s hand…and it was too late when Joab rammed that knife into Abner and killed him! So at the funeral David said … “how foolish it was for you to trust a sworn enemy…to let your guard down and leave your body guards…you died a foolish and unnecessary death”; “your hands were not bound…your feet were not shackled as a man who has been captured by an enemy”. Abner went willingly; foolishly underestimating a terrible enemy…and died for it. Some Christians do the same thing today. How many can you name who have underestimated the enemy?  They get to meddling with the world and get a little too comfortable dabbling in sin and the next thing you know they’ve walked away from their protections. How many Christians have we known who lost their marriage, their children, their happiness, their joy?  God has given you some body guards: The Scriptures, The Holy Spirit, A Church Family. Don’t walk away from them.  Your pastor is a body guard! The fellowship of God’s people in the “house of the Lord” is a body guard! The preaching of the gospel is a body guard! The prayers of your church family are a body guard!  The scriptures hidden in your heart are a body guard!  For the Christian, forsaking our body guards is just plain foolish. The cemeteries are a testimony to the fact that this world is not a safe place…the world is not “for you” and the Devil is against us all!  Abner died as a fool dieth… he didn’t have to die. Some I know didn’t have to lose their walk; didn’t have to lose their joy; didn’t have to lose their wife, their husband, their child, their song! Some I know have lost their very lives because they walked away from the Lord, the Bible, the people of God and the pastor God set before them.  This year more of God’s people will die “as a fool dieth”. Don’t join them! Abner could have and might have lived a long full life serving God. Don’t leave the body guards God gave you! Calvary Baptist Church invites you to come be a part! Find us on the Loop in Palestine across from Pizza Hut.