As most of you who follow Calvary Baptist Church’s weekly Bible teaching know, you’ll need the Bible handy so you can look up and read these texts. We’ll be in Exodus chapter 3 v. 1-7 where we find ‘Moses and the burning bush’.  For your studies you could spent a month here and barely scratch the dirt so let’s get right in.  In verse 1 Notice that Moses made himself useful. Us older folks refer to it as “earning one’s keep” {and it seems to me this standard has been neglected in recent years}. 2 Notice Moses has “led the flock to the backside of the desert”, which, by the way, is a good place talk to God. It’s also a good place to hear God talk to you and it’s a good place to find God’s will. In vs 2 notice that God appeared to Moses in a flame of fire out of a bush. Remember this – God makes his presence and existence known to all. *His grace and majesty is written into everything around us! Farming, shepherding, parenting … all things around us shout the existence of God [Romans 1:20]. Nothing is without the signature of God on it and in it. This truth is so obvious that the Bible concludes that only a fool could say there is no God. He certainly wasn’t born thinking that – no, he’s had to convince himself to ignore every fabric of existence in the world. *Believe this sir – the “I AM” appears to all who will lift up their eyes and see. In v 4, seeing that Moses wanted to know more, and turned to see this great thing, God called to him. I like that! Like so many other verses it proves yet again that when a man wants to know more, God will call to him. He’s called to all men who desire to know more. In v 5 notice that as Moses drew near God said, “draw not nigh hither, put off thy shoes from off thy feet”. I notice that Moses didn’t start making excuses or arguments or justifying himself. He didn’t say “but Lord, people say you don’t care what a man wears”. He didn’t say “but the sand is hot today and I always wear my shoes”. He didn’t say “but Lord what’s the difference between this ground and that ground over there?”.  Some ‘Christians’ seem to always have some objection to how God expects things to be done. There are some who, it seems to me, don’t seem to regard any ground as holy ground. In fact, for some it seems they question every single expectation God put down in the Bible.  I like that Moses didn’t make any arguments or pose any questions…he just did what God said. The Bible tells those who’ll listen much about how God expects us to dress, speak, live, relate to one another, who we can marry and who we cannot do business with. There are some spiritual areas in life that are holy ground. There are some areas of prayer, fellowship, worship, music and conduct that are clearly specified by God and where the ground is holy. In v 6 notice that when Moses heard God introduce himself, he hid his face for he was afraid to look upon God. I fear many have let popular music lead them out of their reverence and fear of God and out of their comprehension of holy ground. At Calvary Baptist Church we still believe there is holy ground! Come visit with us soon!