The Kind of Church I WantVery recently I was talking with a young man and in the conversation, I asked …2021/10/26K2021-10-26 15:57:33
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Philemon Study IntroductionThe little ‘letter to Philemon’ [a letter from the Apostle Paul written whilst he was …2021/09/27P2021-09-27 17:06:42
The Last Passover2021/09/27L2021-09-27 17:05:54
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The Wheat and the TaresOur Lord, as so often was the case, used a farming illustration to teach a …2021/08/20W2021-08-20 16:40:10
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Interceding for the Guilty2021/07/07I2021-07-07 17:26:53
Just Carry Your PitcherIf you will, let me ask you to grab the word of God and read …2021/06/26J2021-06-26 12:25:15
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A New NormalMilton, in his magnum opus “Paradise Lost”, wrote “when nightfall darkens the streets then wander …2020/07/10N2020-07-10 22:46:16
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Be Not Afraid“And when Pharaoh drew nigh, the children of Israel lifted up their eyes, and, behold, …2021/03/06B2021-03-06 12:02:50
Be of Good Cheer, for I Believe GodI am one of those weirdos who likes a good lightening-laden thunderstorm and the worse …2019/12/04B2019-12-04 13:17:12
Bitterness    CALVARY BAPTIST CHURCH TRUST THE BIBLE “Bitterness”       Pastor Malcolm Harrison  Recently I preached the …2016/08/18B2016-08-18 21:46:23
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Come As You Are, Leave As You CameI suppose I’ve been asked 100 times by now “pastor, is your church a come …2017/12/11C2017-12-11 13:08:52
Cops, Robbers and Dull HeartsUnbeknownst to younger generations, there was a time ‘back in the day’ when neighborhood kids …2019/11/27C2019-11-27 15:22:14
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Digging Under God’s FenceMany years ago, though at the time I knew I’d regret it, I fell victim …2017/12/11D2017-12-11 13:07:56
Don’t Judge MeI ‘Googled’ the phrase “don’t judge me” and got 70 million 800 thousand results. After …2020/01/17D2020-01-17 17:26:13
Echoes Down the HallOn three different occasions of late the Lord has put on my heart to bring …2019/06/12E2019-06-12 14:47:43
Empty Cross, Empty Tomb, Empty ChurchEverywhere we look things are out of their routine! This present circumstance is disrupting things …2020/04/11E2020-04-11 13:24:56
Fallen Among Thieves2020/05/28F2020-05-28 11:41:44
Finishing What You StartedIn Luke 14:28-30 The Only Begotten Son of God said “For which of you, intending …2019/04/02F2019-04-02 19:39:37
For I Believe GodAfter being given the run around and kept locked up without cause, the Apostle Paul, …2021/05/05F2021-05-05 10:34:48
For Those Who Have No MosesFor our study this week let me challenge you with Jeremiah Ch 14:1-22 where the …2019/08/25F2019-08-25 01:19:33
God’s FencesCALVARY BAPTIST CHURCH TRUST THE BIBLE “God’s Fences”     Pastor Malcolm Harrison     Against my …2016/08/18G2016-08-18 21:23:28
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God’s Word and Its WorkIsaiah 55:11 presents an oft quoted verse that contains an oft overlooked and ominous truth. …2020/10/30G2020-10-30 22:19:48
God’s Word Doesn’t Return Unto Him VoidIsaiah 55:11 presents an oft quoted verse that contains an oft overlooked and ominous truth. …2017/12/11G2017-12-11 13:07:04
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Letter to a Seventh-Day AdventistGood Afternoon, again a delay.  Again my calendar and days are taken hostage by innumerable …2021/06/03L2021-06-03 16:18:24
PrayersD. L. Moody wrote “I had rather know how to pray than how to preach, …2021/06/03P2021-06-03 16:10:47
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The Passover without the BloodIn the ‘children of Israel’s houses’ they sat with the lamb on the table, fully …2021/04/22P2021-04-22 11:38:22
When God Turns Off the LightOur earnest prayer during this past week of dark and cold has been that the …2021/02/27W2021-02-27 14:20:02
Why is It So Hard on Me?Many times, in my life I have looked at others and wondered why they seemed …2021/02/02W2021-02-02 18:22:56
When Sin Turns on YouSixty-eight-year-old African conservationists Wes Matthewson ran a popular safari known as “Tree Top Lodge” in …2021/02/02W2021-02-02 18:22:12
Thou Canst Make Me CleanGrab your Bible and get Matthew 8 v. 1-3 and let me show you something …2020/12/17T2020-12-17 22:32:10
Who Will Speak on Your Behalf?“…He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her” …2020/12/10W2020-12-10 16:11:11
Underestimating an EnemyAt the funeral of Abner (a very famous & gallant Military General) [II Samuel 3] …2020/12/03U2020-12-03 16:23:37
Neutrality in a World at WarIn May 1797 newly elected President John Adams entered the White House and his office …2020/11/15N2020-11-15 16:36:16
The Olive Orchard2020/10/14O2020-10-14 23:03:58
Lack of Holy Ground1500 years ago, Joshua, leader of the mass of the children of Israel, was standing …2020/09/17L2020-09-17 11:28:36
Tongues of FireAs terrible fires rage across multiple west coast states, destroying lives and property yet incalculable, …2020/09/17T2020-09-17 11:27:00
When Your Ark Gets TakenThis week for our study let me turn your attention to first Samuel chapter 4 …2020/09/03W2020-09-03 23:19:00
The Importance of Small DecisionsThe famous military genius General ‘J. Erwin E. Rommel’, known as “the desert fox”, met …2020/09/03I2020-09-03 23:18:12
Paul’s Frustrating AnswerActs 16:14-34 tells us about Paul & Silas getting arrested, badly beaten and cast into …2020/08/07P2020-08-07 23:03:17
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Hebrews 1On Sunday morning, Jan 21, 1776, pastor John Muhlenberg stepped into the pulpit in Woodstock, …2020/07/10H2020-07-10 22:47:10
What Mean Ye By These StonesLet me call your attention this week to the scriptures in Joshua chapter 3 and …2020/07/10W2020-07-10 22:45:44
To Whom Little Is Forgiven“Wherefore I say unto thee, Her sins, which are many, are forgiven; for she loved …2020/06/13T2020-06-13 22:33:16
The Things Which Shall Befall Me2020/05/28T2020-05-28 11:40:26
What Shall I Render?2020/05/16W2020-05-16 22:45:59
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Thou Shalt Not Steal Part 1I don’t know about you, but I despise a thief. They come in all shapes …2020/03/20T2020-03-20 11:51:32
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Why Has This Happened to Me? Part 3Like most of you I have quite a few scars from burns, cuts, scrapes and …2020/02/15W2020-02-15 12:14:41
Will You Stand?There are those who, despite certain knowledge that they cannot win, will nonetheless draw their …2020/02/15W2020-02-15 12:12:50
Why Has This Happened to Me Part 2What a difficult question to consider. Why has this happened to me? There are numerous …2020/01/24W2020-01-24 16:38:11
Why Has This Happened to Me? Part 1This past Sunday evening at Calvary, we looked into Solomon’s proverb recorded in Chapter 19 …2020/01/24W2020-01-24 16:35:53
The Day The Lord Hath MadePsalm 118:24 teaches us “This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will …2020/01/17D2020-01-17 17:32:35
The Weapons Delivery PlatformsThose of you who are familiar with military or firearms terminology will have heard the …2020/01/17W2020-01-17 17:27:01
Touches of FaithLet me ask you to go in your imagination to Jerusalem 2000 years ago. Put …2019/11/20T2019-11-20 13:34:13
What 30 Pieces of Silver Won’t BuyIn Matthew 26:14-15 God tells us about Judas’ conversation with the ‘chief priests’ and of …2019/11/14W2019-11-14 14:37:24
Those Who Come and WorshipYou’ll find our text in Matthew 8:1-3 which I urge you to read. Verse 2 …2019/11/06T2019-11-06 12:14:58
Having Loved This Present WorldLast week we waded a few steps into 2 Timothy chapter 4, let me ask …2019/11/06H2019-11-06 12:14:27
Ready to Be Offered2 Timothy chapter 4 is one of the most poignant chapters in the “pastoral letters”, …2019/10/25R2019-10-25 20:37:58
The Redemption of the BodyLet me take you back in time a few years. Back to the late 50’s …2019/10/09R2019-10-09 11:13:39
I Chose LazarusLuke chapter 16 contains the famous Parable of Lazarus and the rich man (verse 19-31) …2019/10/03I2019-10-03 13:22:29
The Wrath of ManThere are as yet many unopened lessons God presents us in the book of Jonah …2019/09/28W2019-09-28 00:21:12
Mercy’s LessonsOur Bible studies at Calvary Baptist Church have taken us into Jonah several times where …2019/09/28M2019-09-28 00:20:22
The Source, The Cause & The SolutionIn the book of Jonah Chapter 1 vs 1-14 we read that the prophet Jonah …2019/09/12S2019-09-12 20:17:17
Zeal of Thine HouseDavid, a type of Christ, about whom God said ‘his heart was perfect’ [1st Kings …2019/09/06Z2019-09-06 19:12:35
Hung on Your Own GallowsEzekiel Chapter 33 speaks of the uselessness of a ‘watchman’ who, seeing the enemy coming, …2019/08/28H2019-08-28 17:03:11
Things We’ve Been GivenThis past Sunday morning our text for Preaching time was Judges 11:1-24(a), with emphasis on …2019/08/25T2019-08-25 01:14:05
Things Our God Has Given UsThis past Sunday morning our text for Preaching time was Judges 11:1-24(a), with emphasis on …2019/08/25T2019-08-25 01:12:32
The Bridegroom Hath the Bride Part 5For sake of time and space let’s summarize a few things which are, in and …2019/08/25B2019-08-25 01:10:03
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The Bridegroom Hath the Bride Part 3As we continue looking at this matter of the “gathering of the church up unto …2019/08/25B2019-08-25 01:07:20
The Bridegroom Hath the Bride Part 2Last week we took a quick glance at John the Baptist’s role as the “friend …2019/08/25B2019-08-25 01:06:33
The Bridegroom Hath the Bride Part 1When confronted about who he was ‘prophetically’ and what his role was in God’s photo …2019/08/25B2019-08-25 01:05:48
The Cup Not Taken AwayThere are many different ‘cups’ in this old amazing Bible. Sometimes they’re literal cups, sometimes …2019/08/25C2019-08-25 01:04:50
Pale RiderIn Alan Dean Foster’s bestselling western novel “Pale Rider” the main character {a role later …2019/08/25P2019-08-25 01:00:36
The Die is CastThe old saying ‘the die is cast’ has both a solemnity and a finality to …2019/08/25D2019-08-25 00:59:31
The Prodigal’s FatherThere are many great verses about Fathers in the Bible but one of my own …2019/06/19P2019-06-19 12:32:54
The Last Mother’s DayAnother Mother’s Day has come and gone.  It was by far the hardest I have …2019/05/27L2019-05-27 18:22:37
The ResurrectionMy pastor, Lev Humphries, wrote the following article which I offer to you here as …2019/04/17R2019-04-17 15:54:13
The Cup Not Taken AwayThere are many different ‘cups’ in this old amazing Bible. Sometimes they’re literal cups, sometimes …2019/04/09C2019-04-09 10:02:56
The Authority and Power of the Word of GodNapoleon once promoted a young soldier from the ranks to Captain. The old war horse had …2019/04/02A2019-04-02 19:40:48
One of These Days Soon…I’ll Call for YouOld Paul was quite an opponent in a debate. Having been a ‘top shelf’ Pharisee …2019/04/02O2019-04-02 19:39:04
Some Verses That are a Help in Time of TroubleOver the years as I have faced my Goliaths and my times of rejoicing the …2019/04/02S2019-04-02 19:38:28
The Burglar That Escapes UndetectedBack many years ago I took the entrance exam for a large Police Department in …2019/04/02B2019-04-02 19:37:51
Those Who Wander from the PathSixty six year old retired nurse and hiking enthusiast Geraldine was lost and she knew she …2019/04/02T2019-04-02 19:37:17
Why Hast Thou Done This?Last week we looked into Jonah’s refusal to obey God and his finding of a …2019/04/02W2019-04-02 19:36:43
Those Little Loving Reminders from GodBack years ago while preparing to enter full time ministry, I had started a family …2019/04/02T2019-04-02 19:36:02
Putting the Wood in Order1st Kings records the hilarious account of Elijah and the false prophets of Ba-al [Chapter …2019/04/02P2019-04-02 19:35:14
When God Provides CornbreadAfter Elijah killed the false prophets of Ba-al [1st Kings 18:40] we find him running for …2019/04/02W2019-04-02 19:34:36
The Preaching that I Bid TheeAs we continue looking at Jonah I’d like to encourage you to stop here and …2019/04/02P2019-04-02 19:33:25
When the Real Horsemen are ReleasedIn Alan Dean Foster’s bestselling western novel “Pale Rider” the main character {a role later …2019/04/02W2019-04-02 19:32:44
The Prisoners Heard ThemThis past Sunday evening at Calvary Independent Baptist Church we looked into Acts chapter 16 …2019/04/02P2019-04-02 19:32:00
When it Seems You’re All AloneOne of the saddest things I suppose we Christians can experience is the feeling that …2019/04/02W2019-04-02 19:30:54
Using Lions for PillowsThose of you who’ve spent many years in your Bible know that the Book of …2019/04/02U2019-04-02 19:30:18
Why the Prisoners Didn’t RunThis past Sunday evening at Calvary Baptist Church we took another look at Acts chapter …2019/04/02W2019-04-02 19:29:53
What Time is It At Your House?I cannot imagine what it was like for Solomon; the smartest & wisest man who …2019/04/02W2019-04-02 19:28:48
In the Year That…?Isaiah 6:1 has a phrase I want to point out – it says “In the …2019/04/02I2019-04-02 19:27:42
Who is Waiting for You?Sunday morning we were taken back to Mark chapter 5 vs 1-20 for the morning …2019/04/02W2019-04-02 19:26:57
Missing Your TimeIn Matthew chapter 11:20-24 we read that Jesus rebuked these 3 cities {another of the …2019/04/02M2019-04-02 19:26:16
The Eyes of MercyLast Sunday morning and evening the great and terrible Lord [Nehemiah ch 1, ch 4, …2019/04/02E2019-04-02 19:25:10
Where Would You be Now?In Genesis 31 we find a man named Jacob in the middle of a confrontation …2019/03/30W2019-03-30 11:38:34
Many Things Yet to Say…If You Were ReadyFor the next few moments as we turn to the scriptures in this week’s study …2019/03/30M2019-03-30 11:37:39
What a Lost Person Takes to Hell with ThemThis week we have a much needed but sad message to chew on. I have …2019/03/30W2019-03-30 11:36:38
Some Things You Can’t Get by PrayerThis past Sunday evening at Calvary Baptist Church the Holy Ghost led me to preach …2019/03/30S2019-03-30 11:35:45
Or Ever the Silver Cord Be LoosedThrough Solomon’s pen the Holy Spirit gave us some fantastic help in the final chapter …2019/03/30O2019-03-30 11:34:54
Too Full for the HoneycombProverbs 27:7 tells us “The full soul loatheth an honeycomb; but to the hungry soul …2019/03/30T2019-03-30 11:33:57
Some of My Useless KnivesBy Pastor Malcolm Harrison Ecclesiastes 10:10 says “If the iron be blunt, and he do …2019/01/22S2019-01-22 08:21:18
The Horsemen Are PreparedBy Pastor Malcolm Harrison In Alan Dean Foster’s bestselling western novel “Pale Rider” the main …2019/01/22H2019-01-22 08:20:22
Out of Thine Own MouthWe’ll need two great truths for our study this week: For sake of space I …2019/01/22O2019-01-22 08:19:00
When You Don’t Know What to Do“O our God, wilt thou not judge them? For we have no might against this …2018/10/23W2018-10-23 08:04:59
The Burglar That Escapes UndetectedBack many years ago I took the entrance exam for a large Police Department in …2018/08/21B2018-08-21 12:36:59
If You’re Looking for a Ship You’ll Find OneThe book of Jonah has always been one of my favorite Old Testament books. It …2018/08/21I2018-08-21 12:35:22
The Tale of the DragonIt is a ‘historical puzzle’ to me that so many people are fascinated by the …2018/06/14T2018-06-14 13:24:39
One DayI hate to go to the doctor.  No matter what my ailment is, they always …2018/06/05O2018-06-05 09:48:54
Some Verses That Are a Help in Time of TroubleOver the years as I have faced my Goliaths and my times of rejoicing the …2018/05/23S2018-05-23 12:29:08
The Authority and Power of the Word of GodNapoleon once promoted a young soldier from the ranks to Captain. The old war horse …2018/04/29A2018-04-29 00:24:35
The Difference Between Sawdust and BreadcrumbsI once read that D.L. Moody said “If you go out into your garden and …2018/04/16D2018-04-16 13:33:18
Those Who Put Their Trust in God…There was once a time when David was running for his life with his warriors …2018/04/06T2018-04-06 10:55:02
When Things Are Out of Control…Yes, this Sunday is “Resurrection Sunday” and yes, I want to write a lengthy article elaborating …2018/04/02W2018-04-02 15:34:46
When Christians Talk Like Lost People…Although I use it to some degree, I personally hate Nose-book {Facebook}. One of the …2018/04/02W2018-04-02 15:33:29
The Fatted Calf Needs a Bigger Stall!In Luke chapter fifteen we have one of the greatest known accounts of God’s love …2018/03/15F2018-03-15 16:14:20
How Long Will It Be Until Time to Forgive?…When Jesus was sent from God the Father into the virgin womb of Mary during …2018/03/15H2018-03-15 16:13:26
The Four Portraits of ChristIt has been said that most seminaries {pronounced cemetery} is a like a dark alley …2018/03/15F2018-03-15 16:12:45
Too Close to EscapeBack many years ago I was a bit of a prankster. One night while out …2018/03/15T2018-03-15 16:12:03
Things I’ve Committed to God’s KeepingIn 2nd Timothy the Apostle Paul said that ‘he knew whom he had believed {Our …2018/03/15T2018-03-15 16:11:21
Repairing the Walls and Rebuilding the GatesWhat with all the social misfits walking into churches and shooting innocent people in recent …2018/03/15R2018-03-15 16:10:45
Some of Those Daily Benefits of Salvation!As the new Christian studies the word of God they are inevitably drawn to the …2018/03/15S2018-03-15 16:09:35
Rightly Dividing the Word of TruthOne of the only places where the Christian is plainly and directly told to “study …2018/03/15R2018-03-15 16:08:57
Man What a DealMatthew 27:15-26 tells us about a terrible ‘trade off’. I doubt anyone reading this article …2018/03/15M2018-03-15 16:07:51
When You’ve Been Pushed Too FarThat amazing record of the world that God gave us [The Bible] tells us the …2018/03/15W2018-03-15 16:04:31
The Danger of the Plastic Baby Jesus in the Yard  All over the world and especially all over America this week there are little …2017/12/23D2017-12-23 11:10:41
I Will Not Be ToldSome years ago I was preaching in a jail in Tennessee to a handful of …2017/12/11I2017-12-11 13:25:05
No Man Could Bind Him, No, Not with Chains!Some of you bible believers may recognize this phrase “And no man could bind him, …2017/12/11N2017-12-11 13:22:22
Take Ye Away The StonePastor Malcolm Harrison  In John chapter 11 God gave us the wonderful & incredible account …2016/08/13T2016-08-13 00:44:09