The Prodigal’s FatherThere are many great verses about Fathers in the Bible but one of my own …2019/06/19P2019-06-19 12:32:54
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Those Who Wander from the PathSixty six year old retired nurse and hiking enthusiast Geraldine was lost and she knew she …2019/04/02T2019-04-02 19:37:17
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Those Little Loving Reminders from GodBack years ago while preparing to enter full time ministry, I had started a family …2019/04/02T2019-04-02 19:36:02
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A God of Second ChancesJonah 2:10-3:1 tells us that while Jonah was inside the whale’s belly God spoke to …2019/04/02G2019-04-02 19:34:01
The Preaching that I Bid TheeAs we continue looking at Jonah I’d like to encourage you to stop here and …2019/04/02P2019-04-02 19:33:25
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In the Year That…?Isaiah 6:1 has a phrase I want to point out – it says “In the …2019/04/02I2019-04-02 19:27:42
Who is Waiting for You?Sunday morning we were taken back to Mark chapter 5 vs 1-20 for the morning …2019/04/02W2019-04-02 19:26:57
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Some Verses That Are a Help in Time of TroubleOver the years as I have faced my Goliaths and my times of rejoicing the …2018/05/23S2018-05-23 12:29:08
The Authority and Power of the Word of GodNapoleon once promoted a young soldier from the ranks to Captain. The old war horse …2018/04/29A2018-04-29 00:24:35
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Cremation or Burial…What Does the Bible Say?Because of the financially trying times we live in I have had quite a few …2018/03/15C2018-03-15 16:10:16
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The Danger of the Plastic Baby Jesus in the Yard  All over the world and especially all over America this week there are little …2017/12/23D2017-12-23 11:10:41
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No Man Could Bind Him, No, Not with Chains!Some of you bible believers may recognize this phrase “And no man could bind him, …2017/12/11N2017-12-11 13:22:22
Come As You Are, Leave As You CameI suppose I’ve been asked 100 times by now “pastor, is your church a come …2017/12/11C2017-12-11 13:08:52
Digging Under God’s FenceMany years ago, though at the time I knew I’d regret it, I fell victim …2017/12/11D2017-12-11 13:07:56
God’s Word Doesn’t Return Unto Him VoidIsaiah 55:11 presents an oft quoted verse that contains an oft overlooked and ominous truth. …2017/12/11G2017-12-11 13:07:04
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