Let me ask you to go in your imagination to Jerusalem 2000 years ago. Put yourself in a thronging crowd making its way down a narrow dusty cobblestone street where literally hundreds of shouting merchants sell their wares, seamen sell their fish, farmers call out their vegetable prices. Add to this the shouts and cries of the crippled, the sick, the lepers and the poor. It’s like a subway in New York at rush hour for its confusion and turmoil. We’re on our way to the house of Jairus {a Ruler of the Synagogue Luke 8:42} who has just asked Jesus to come help his little girl. You and I have seen her. A bright smiley 12-year-old full of life. But Jairus has come in tears and fallen at Jesus’ feet to ask help for his little girl who now lays sick and dying. Jesus has agreed to go help and we’re all following Him to the house hoping to see a miracle. Do you have this picture in your head? It’s so crowded though that we’re being pushed and shoved and bumping into each other as we go.

Amid this moving circus you and I have noticed a woman moving closer and closer to the Lord as we go along. We’ve noticed her teary eyes and somber expression and all of the sudden she gently reached out and touched the hem of his shirt. In this crowd many have brushed against him and some have bumped right into him, but this is different somehow. When she touched him she was healed of her infirmity [Luke 8:43-48]. So, dozens, if not more, people have bumped into the Lord on this street and nothing has happened. But along comes this tragic woman who has suffered so much and she barely touches him yet receives a miracle! Why? Why does one little light grasp of his shirt tail completely heal her of a physical infirmity but do nothing for others? I think it is because for many who bump into Jesus here and there the contact is inadvertent and unintentional. This poor woman however came looking for Jesus. She isn’t just another curious spectator there in the crowd. No, she’s there with her hope, her faith and she will not be turned from her purpose. Her touch is one of resolute faith and hope. In that simple brush of her fingers there was hope! There was Faith! There was Trust! In these end times there are many ‘religions’ selling proverbial ‘spectator tickets’ for the “thronging crowd” show where spectators walk along the dusty cobblestone street with the crowd but never actually touch the hem of His garment. But for those of you who are tired of merely drifting along in the crowd why not come and be healed and cleansed once and for all? How about it my friend? Have you wasted enough time searching for something that cleanses and heals? How long will you merely blend into the religious crowds who follow along just in case something happens? How long will you hope when all you need to do is reach out and take hold of Him? Will you just continue wandering from religion to religion but never drawing near and never taking hold? Or will you, like so many millions have done, finally draw near and reach out by grace through faith and take hold of the Lamb of God that taketh away the sin of the world? Come be our guest at Calvary Baptist Church across from Pizza Hut on the loop 903-729-5924.