Proverbs 27:7 tells us “The full soul loatheth an honeycomb; but to the hungry soul every bitter thing is sweet”. My wife is a fantastic cook! I won’t be surprised if she gets assigned to the kitchen when we get to heaven. Frankly I am certain the angels desire to look into her cooking but that’s just my opinion. At family gatherings like Thanksgiving we all sit around after the meal looking like beached whales we’re so full. It doesn’t matter what kind of cake or pie she’s made no one can get any of it because we’re too full of the meal. I hope you have someone who can cook like that in your family. If not, look us up when you get to heaven – there’ll be angels and saints lined up at her mansion to eat her cooking and none will have room for dessert. You know, I often find it much the same here in this life. People who have stuffed themselves all week on a steady diet of worldly junk, carnal thinking, carnal music, vulgar talking and ungodly living. They’re so full of that junk they can’t enjoy anything good and decent and sweet. Their hearts are stuffed so full of such shallow junk that Biblical things are undesirable. See it again in our text verse “the full soul loatheth an honeycomb”. Can you imagine that? I sure can…you can get so full nothing looks good. It doesn’t matter how appealing the dessert is they don’t want it. You can see these any given Sunday in the pew. They come late, look like they ate lemons all the way, don’t like the music, the hymns or the preaching. To these ‘full souls’ every moment past noon is an eternity of torment. You may see them again in a month or two if no excuse presents itself. Why? Because they’re full of the world and to them even the honeycomb of God’s house and words is loathsome. Ahh but let us go on in our text – BUT to the hungry every bitter thing is sweet! The Bible is still dripping the sweet words of eternal life [John 6:68]. Some of you I hope have reached that place where you saw yourself in need of the Saviour and you’ve reached out by faith and trusted, begged, repented and come crawling to the resurrected one to ask for mercy and forgiveness! For you, even the bitter things [Ex 12:7-8] are a welcome delight! Some of you have had the hand of God on your heart and now – Oh now the words of God are precious and sweet. Now you come early to have time to fellowship with the brethren! Now those old hymns that are tired and cold to some are new and refreshing and they bring a tender peaceful joy to your soul. Now even the most bitter and difficult things to understand are desirable. Don’t you find that as you listen and sing and hear God’s preaching that your heart has wandered off to stand gazing up at Calvary’s cross? Do you not find your mind has drifted off to stand before the door of an empty tomb?