I don’t know about you, but I despise a thief. They come in all shapes and they use all manner of methods, but in the end, it’s just theft. Greed and laziness…be it a neighborhood thug burglarizing cars or a polished politician ripping off America or an investment scam – I despise a thief. Thieves and robbers, robbers and thieves – they’re all the same to me. God said “Thou shalt not steal” [Exodus 20:15]. Because of thieves we pay higher taxes, higher prices and higher insurance. Back when I was a Police Officer and an Investigator, I saw cases where thieves would take everything from the light bulbs to the curtain rods. I suppose I just detest those who victimize others. Do you agree? There are many forms of thievery.  #1 Those who steal with their hands. But just as bad are #2 Those who steal by their Actions and Inactions. Here’s what I mean: Husbands steal from their wives. Wives steal from their husbands. Take 2nd Samuel 6:16 where King David was excited and praising God. But David had a spiritually shallow and ungodly wife named Michal. David loved and honored and praised God, but his wife despised him for it. By her refusal to join David in his praise and love of the Lord, she robbed her husband of all the wonderful memories they could have enjoyed together – memories of church, Christian friends, blessings on their marriage. She stole from David any chance of his respecting her and being proud of her relationship with God. Take 1st Samuel 25:14-17 where we find a godly woman named Abigail who had a foolish old goat of a husband named Nabal. He was wicked and mean spirited. Nabal, by his actions, robbed Abigail of the relationship they could have had. He robbed her of love, honor, decency and peace. He robbed her of being proud of his walk with God. Don’t we all know some marriages like that? A sweet Christian woman married to an unfaithful, ungodly man? A decent godly man whose wife is about as spiritual as a sack of potatoes. Haven’t you seen it? A wife who steals the smile and peace from her husband? A husband who steals the joy and laughter from his wife?   How many men have gotten into the car after church fussing and stolen anything spiritual his wife got?  Vice versa, how many wives have stolen from her husband and children by the same?  #3 Parents steal from their children too. Some parents, by their actions and inactions steal the godly example their children need to grow up spiritually healthy, morally clean and knowing how adults are supposed to behave themselves before the Lord. Don’t you see parents who are, by example, teaching their own children to be profane, drunkards, fornicators and adulterers?  Men, our wives deserve to have a husband they can rely on, take confidence in and be proud of. They deserve to have a husband who spiritually “walks the walk” of a godly man. Ladies, your husband deserves a faithful, praying, Christian wife who loves God and knows her biblical role in the family and the church. Parents, your children deserve godly parents who set a right example. They are learning from your example, be it for good or for bad. Make it a biblical example. Show them you love God! Teach them to love Him. Join us this Sunday for more of the series ‘Thou Shalt Not Steal” at Calvary Baptist Church. You’ll be glad you did! 903-729-5924