Our Lord, as so often was the case, used a farming illustration to teach a spiritual truth in Matthew 13:24-30. Let’s go to the word of God and read vs 24-30. In verse 24 we are told of the “good seed” sown in “his” field. {Note that despite the programming of modern education withing the minds of the simple, there is good and bad and they are not equal}. {Note that the field is HIS and as such HE alone decides its course}. As the teaching continues, we are told that in addition to the good seed, bad seed was sown in the same field by an enemy. “Tares among the wheat”. Bad seeds among the good. Verse 26 tells us that when the time came, both the wheat and tares sprouted forth at the same time and the workers in the field noticed and told their master. Verse 28 tells us the workers asked the master if he wanted them to pull up the tares but he said 29 …Nay, lest while ye gather up the tares, ye gather up also the wheat with them. Verse 30 gives us the sad conclusion: “Let both grow together until the harvest:”. So, we have good people and bad people living out their lives together in this world. Some of the good ones are so interwoven with the bad ones; their roots are so intertwined with the tares, their lives so defiled and mingled with the wicked that to uproot the wicked from them would destroy them. What do I mean? Simple, I mean that that some people are so saturated with the world and its wickedness that they will never let it go and fully belong to God until he himself pulls them out of it. You’ve met them I know. Perhaps you are one? Christian men who think just as much, if not more, of the world than of heaven. They speak more of worldliness than of Christ. So too some Christian women, though they profess to belong to Christ, dress in the same worldly attire, too tight, too high, too revealing. Some I’ve known, if ya forced them to wear a tent, they’d figure out some way to make it look inappropriate. Now we all, said Isaiah, have failed, have gone astray, like sheep we’ve wandered far off from God. None of us is good. None of us is right. All of us have failed. Yet despite this let us strive to be clear about what we are, to whom we belong. That we are wheat NOT tares.  As the famous Texas preacher Lester Roloff put it, “those who have been saved by grace ought not live in disgrace”. In our text, the Householder said, “lest while ye gather up the tares, ye root up also the wheat with them”. The time comes in verse 30 that the tares will be bundled together and burned but the wheat is gathered into the barn. Until the gathering, we Christians ought to be, as much as possible, preparing ourselves to be gathered up. We ought to want the tares to see the difference between wheat and tares and we ought to be trying to convert the tares into wheat before the harvest time arrives. Friend, if you are looking for a church, Calvary Baptist Church is a place for you to discover the difference between religion and Christianity. Calvary is on the Loop across from Pizza Hut. 903-729-5924. Check us out on the internet at http:www.Calvarybcpalestine.com. Hear this message and others on our website.