Perhaps you will recognize the title of our study this week from Acts chapter 20 V.22 where the Apostle Paul was talking about things to come in his life and how the plans of God were such a part of his life. He was talking to the church of Ephesus and he reminded them of the things he’d told them; how he had testified and taught them, both Jewish Christians and Gentile Christians alike that REPENTANCE toward God IS essential. *Many misguided and deceived teachers and ‘self-called’ preachers are claiming that repentance is unnecessary. These are the words of those wolves in sheep’s clothing. Mark them carefully. Such teaching is false. Second, Paul tells them that faith toward our Lord Jesus Christ is essential. In V. 22 he said, “And now, behold, I go “bound in the spirit”. Pause there in your mind and let’s take a minute to mull over the ramifications of what he just said. If you are truly born again [John 3:3] that is to say ‘we’ve been saved’ [Acts 16:30, Romans 10:9] by scripture definition, you and I were at one time “dead in trespasses and sins”. However, under the sweet constraining and convicting of the ‘word of God’ we cried out in our sin and repented unto God and believed the scriptures and “obeyed the gospel” [Romans 10:16] and were saved by grace through faith [Ephesians 2:8-9]. Then having been buried in the likeness of Christ’s death we too were raised up in newness of life with him [Galatians 2:20] and like all who are born again we “received that Holy Spirit of Christ which God sent forth into our hearts crying Abba, Father” [Galatians 4:6] and without which none are saved {Romans 5:8}. So, we are like Paul in many ways, being willingly “bound” to God’s purpose and plan for our lives. Hopefully we all reach a place where we gladly accept whatever comes our way knowing that since we are “of faith” then we are “the children of Abraham” and as such we are the children of God [Romans 8:17]. And if children, then heirs; heirs of God, and joint-heirs with Christ;…” We then like Paul ought to face the future with bold confidence knowing that the uncertainty it holds for those who are not saved, for us it is fixed and determined. Paul knew that he was being led to Jerusalem. He knew it held danger and bonds and afflictions were awaiting him. Nonetheless, he knew that this was the will of God for him and he gladly accepted whatever God had planned. We trust and accept God’s purpose and plan. We yield ourselves willingly to his design and will. As Christ said in the garden of Gethsemane the night of His betrayal “nevertheless not as I will, but as thou wilt” [Matthew 26:39]. You and I have no idea what “may befall us” ahead in our life. What obstacles and challenges and setbacks and disappointments shall we face? What hardships, what victories, what accomplishments and what failures shall befall us? What opportunities to witness! There will be tears and laughter. Let us then rise to the great honor of serving in God’s plan. There are some things that God has kept in his own counsel and not revealed. I find that I like not knowing. I find to that I can trust God to be God. Come find your place in God’s will at Calvary Baptist Church in Palestine across from Pizza Hut on the Loop. 903-729-5924.