Very recently I was talking with a young man and in the conversation, I asked him if he attended a church and whether or not he ‘knew the Lord’? To which he replied that he considered himself to be a child of God but that he’d been “unable to find the sort of church he wanted”. Ahh, now there’s quite a mouthful! If I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard that, I’d already own that Cabin on a Hill. What a statement. “I can’t find the kind of church I want”. So, I asked the obvious; what kind are you looking for”? Here is what he said: A) I am looking for a church where people aren’t hypocrites. B) I am looking for a church where no one judges me for how I look, what I wear, how I live. C) I want a church where the singing is fast and the preaching isn’t preachy. None of that ‘fire and brimstone stuff’ ya know? D) I want a church that makes me feel good about myself and doesn’t condemn me or make me feel like a sinner. E) I want a church that doesn’t expect me to contribute money or time. Ah reader, a filthy bar on Bourbon Street in New Orleans couldn’t meet those demands! What he said conveys as much as what he didn’t say. You see it? This young man doesn’t want to go to church because he doesn’t love what God loves. His demands for a church are designed to ensure that no church can meet them. Consider: He DID NOT require a church that A) Glorifies God and His sweet Lamb that bore our sins OR which gives God ALL the preeminence rather than man (all of whom have sinned and fallen short and failed God in every respect).  He DID NOT require B) A church where the word of God {the Bible} that saved us is proclaimed and preached loud and clear! God said, ‘…if a man love me he will keep my words…’! God said ‘the preaching of the cross is to them that perish foolishness…’. He DID NOT require C) A church where sinners are saved by grace and the preaching reminds us what God saved us from and where that salvation is taking us to. He didn’t specify that he wants a church where his family can partake in the singing of life changing hymns, nor hear the gospel, nor unite in our efforts to send Missionaries around the globe to preach! He DID NOT require D) A church where I can invest my earthly means in the furtherance of the gospel that changed my life! He DID NOT require E) A church where prayers are lifted up and tears come streaming down, where voices of testimony are lifted up and humble hearts are bowed low. He DOESN’T SAY F) I want a church where I can join with my fellow Christians like God told me to [Hebrews 10:25] because since I got saved, I love the church and I want to gather with the saints [1st John 3:14]. It’s a simple question. If you asked me what kind of church I am looking for? I say emphatically “the one where God can have His way with my heart, my time, my means, my voice, my eyes, my ears, my mind, my family”. If you’re one of us who want God to have what He wants, Calvary is the place for you. We’re located on loop 256 right across from the Pizza Hut next to the veterinarian clinic. 903-729-5924