The famous military genius General ‘J. Erwin E. Rommel’, known as “the desert fox”, met the love of his life “Lucy” in 1911 and married her in 1916. He loved her completely and was frustrated with the demands of his military duties which constantly kept him from her. In June 1944 she was turning 50 and a birthday party was planned. Looking at the terrible weather and the conditions in the English Channel, he decided to take a few days to go home, to visit his dear Lucy on her birthday on June 5th, 1944. On June 6th Operation Overlord {the Allied invasion of German occupied France) was “a go”. The success of the invasion, with 160,000 troops, 1200 planes and 5000 sea vessels, was largely dependent upon several small tactical and strategic victories preceding the large invasion force. If but one failed, the whole invasion would be jeopardized. Although costly, the invasion was a success. This was undoubtedly due in large part to several small decisive circumstances which were the result of seemingly inconsequential decisions. At the top of the list was Rommel’s absence from the front. An absence brought about by the simple decision to attend his wife’s birthday party. It has been said that “Much of Life hangs upon the Smallest of Decisions”. In 1989 a friend invited me to church. One simple step. One small decision. Truly God does work in mysterious ways. In Luke 15:13 the “prodigal son” decided against his father’s rules and simple life. One small decision and in a short time we find that son feeding pigs, starving and filthy. Another small decision: shall I remain…or go home? In Mark 5:21 Jairus’s daughter lay dying in her little bed. To leave her, even momentarily, could mean she would die alone without her father there to hold her hand. However, it might be that Jesus would help him. He decided the risk was worth it and saw his daughter raised from death. In Genesis chapter 13 Lot made a small decision – on one hand he could order his shepherds to behave like gentlemen and pay attention to the herds. On the other hand, he could opt to separate from his famous uncle Abraham. The result of that seemingly small decision would see Lot’s entire world fall into ruin and shame in the defilement of Sodom & Gomorrah [Genesis 13:10, Leviticus 18:22, Romans 1:27]. In Genesis 4 Cain decided to bring vegetables to offer instead of blood. No doubt it seemed to him a small decision at the time – but it results in devastation of incalculable proportions. I don’t remember who said it, but I read once that “we should live our lives as though every day mattered, because they do”.  To this I would add “we should make even the small decisions as though they matter, because more often than not, they do”. As a pastor let me remind you to #1. Pray About Your Decisions. #2. Carefully consider the impact of your decisions. #3. Don’t underestimate the importance of the part you play in God’s plans for those around you. Lastly, remind yourself every day that God has a use and a purpose for you, look for it and strive to be available for his use. Life is a precious gift. Time is a precious gift. You are important to God. Your time in this life is short – use it well. Your impact in lives is important, use it wisely. Calvary Baptist Church 703 E Gillespie St on the Loop. 903-729-5924  I am looking forward to seeing you soon.