Psalm 118:24 teaches us “This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it”. Here we are three days into the new year 2020. What an incredible thing to try to image what it will bring. Great opportunity? Great Tragedy? Gladness & rejoicing or heartbreak and tears? All of the above? Something I have already considered and committed to strive towards is to remember daily that “this is, for me, a year that the Lord hath made”. I do not know what this year holds but I am confident knowing that my loving and devoted father God KNOWS what each and every moment of each and every day will bring forth in my life – both the cruel bitter moments and the sweet mercies.  As such, since he knows what is to come into my life and what is to go forth from my life – both that which comes and that which goes is already known. It is the same for you friend – This IS the day that the Lord hath made and you most certainly should rejoice and be glad in it. Not only in the day you read these words but in the year 2020.  I have come to terms with the fact that every beat of my heart, every breath I take, every moment of my life is in the very hand of God. This year of 2020, whether I am given all of it or part, is my personal gift from God. It is your gift from God. Last year is written in the books and been put away on the shelf of the past. Let us then focus our attention on what is ‘at hand’. We can be sure that IF we, who are his children, will hear, trust and obey, his words and let him have his will in our lives – we will surely find each day overflowing with reasons to rejoice and be glad in it!  I know there will be moments of sadness. How could it not be so in this fallen and sin sick world? Satan is the god of this world [2 Corinthians 4:4] and even if the Bible didn’t reveal it so wouldn’t we know that by mere observation?  I know that there will be disappointments. Oh, but for all the moments of sadness and disappointments my Father will ensure for me moments of laughter and encouragement and mercy from on high! Yes! This is the day and indeed this is the year that the Lord hath made and if we will but look, we will find daily renewed mercies which give us cause for rejoicing and gladness! Let me add that although I wish that this verse promised that “everyone” will rejoice in it; the sobering truth is that it specifically says only “we” will rejoice in it. Who is this “we”? Those of you who know your Bible already know the answer – this is “we” who are the children of God. They who have accepted his precious promise and wondrous gift of salvation. Those who have slapped away his hand and rejected his gift of hope may be certain that the “god of this world” and the wages of sin will bring no sweet mercies or gentle rejoicings this year. Would you like to have cause to “rejoice and be glad” in this day, this year that the Lord hath made? Visit Calvary and ask us how! 703 Gillespie Rd, Palestine, Texas across from Pizza Hut on the Loop. 903-729-5924