For the last three Wednesday evening Bible studies at Calvary, we have focused our attention on those “words” from which the Apostle Paul told us we should ‘comfort’ one another [1st Thessalonians 4:18]. The words to which he was referring, at the direction of the Holy Spirit, were those words concerning those who have passed from this life to the next. Especially our loved ones who had died trusting Christ. Many in Paul’s day still thought that the deceased are out in the cemetery snoring merrily in some sort of spiritual dreamland. They didn’t understand what happens when we die, and they really didn’t understand what is going to happen when Jesus returns for His bride. As such Paul, at the direction of the 3rd person of the Trinity, the Holy Ghost {Acts 5:1-4}, writes these words of comfort to explain it in detail. Now, notice in 1st Thessalonians 4:17 in our “English” Bible {by which I always mean the A.V. 1611 King James Bible} we see the phrase “caught up”. Many have been trained to think that because ‘The Rapture’, as a term, isn’t in the Bible, that the doctrine likewise isn’t in the Bible. I’ve even read that some preacher claimed that Jesus didn’t believe in the Rapture! But, let me call to your recollection something you may have forgotten. English originates in Latin. So much so that you would probably be very surprised just how often you use terms which are Latin. Many English words are really Latin words, but no one remembers where we got them.  Our phrase “caught up” here in 1st Thessalonians 4:17 is translated from the Greek word harpazo AND from the Latin word rapere both of which mean to “catch away, snatch up, carry off, seize quickly for oneself, grab”.  The word RAPERE comes from the old Latin “Rapio” and “Raptuse” – from which the meaning and application are quite clear: to be spiritually raptured or suddenly and lovingly carried away. Again, we see the husband and the wife (Christ and the Bride) Ephesians 5. When we are saved, we are sealed unto the day of redemption. That redemption includes the change from the old tabernacle of flesh into the new glorified tabernacle like unto Christ’s. When will those who are with him now get their new glorified bodies? When will we who are yet living when the Bridegroom comes for His bride get our old bodies redeemed for new ones? The answer is here before you in the old King James Bible.  The Harpazo \ Rapio \ Rapture = the sudden seizing of the bride! The sudden calling out of the bride will come like a thief in the night [1st Thess 5:2]. Some, perhaps many of you, may have been taught to think that this “rapture” or “rapio / harpazo” of the church / bride is a fabrication of men like C.I. Scofield or others in the mid 1800’s. You were taught incorrectly. The doctrine that the church will be “caught up” {harpazo / Rapio} is right in your Bible where it has been since AD 54 some 2000 years ago. This doctrine is not man made and it isn’t mid 1800 in origin. There is most definitely a Rapture coming!  What a hope!  If the Lord and the Herald Press permit, we will explore the timing of this blessed event in the article next week. Come study with us!