This past Sunday evening at Calvary Baptist Church the Holy Ghost led me to preach on the subject of “some things you can’t get by prayer”. Go with me in the King James Bible to James 4 and read verses 1-3. Verse 3 tells us “Ye ask, and receive not, because ye ask amiss, that ye may consume it upon your lusts”. That means quite literally that there most certainly are some things you cannot get by prayer.

For example: #1 Salvation of Someone Else: You cannot get someone saved {AGAINST} their will. Your child, spouse, friend, neighbor, co-worker etc. God will not violate their will, over-ride the Scriptures, by-pass faith in the finished work of the Lord & Lamb, dismiss the horror of the cross and make an exception to His own perfect plan of salvation just because you want Him to.

#2. RUIN: God loves you! If your loved one came to you asking for a piece of bread would you give them something horrible? Something dangerous? NO! [Matt 7] In like manner if a child, knowing no better, asked you for a box cutter or razor, would you give it to them? No of course not. God will not grant your prayer request for a thing that He knows would only destroy you, your family, your walk, your testimony, your faithfulness.

#3. Revenge / Vengeance: [Rom 12:19] You cannot talk God into granting you revenge / vengeance. Perhaps He will let you see it {but you’d best be careful how you respond}.

#4 Out of God’s Will: Many Christians desire things which are outside the Will of God. A wrong relationship, an unequal yoke in marriage, career, job decision, perhaps some material thing, or some sinful thing. You can forget that happening. The great God who loves you WILL NOT grant your request for a ruinous thing any more than you would hand a razor to a 5-year-old. Perhaps you will make a friendship with someone who is going to be a terrible influence on you. Perhaps you will marry a man who is going to break your heart, destroy your faith and lead your children to hell Ma’am. Maybe you will finally win the big jackpot sir that will destroy your happiness, your marriage, your children Sir. But you will have to step out of God’s will to have those things because He loves you too much to give them to you.

So, then what can you expect through prayer? Among other things – you can get a New Heart and a New Start! You can get a spouse that will love God and love you when you’re old and not so beautiful! You can get your marriage raised from the ashes and restored 10-fold stronger for God than it ever was. You might get new insight, more wisdom, deeper spiritual discernment! You could get that miracle you’ve been praying for! If I could just encourage you with what little space I have left let me say: You can get wondrous daily graces and benefits, unimagined strengths and mercies. Most of all you can talk directly to the Majesty on High who holds your whole life in His hand. Thank God for His Holy Spirit that takes our prayers and converts them and intercedes for us with God. When was your last conversation with God?