By Pastor Malcolm Harrison

Ecclesiastes 10:10 says “If the iron be blunt, and he do not whet the edge, then must he put to more strength: but wisdom is profitable to direct.” Those of you who’ve ever had to chop firewood know exactly what the verse means! The Lord our God, as usual, is using simple things, in this case a dull axe, a dull knife etc, to explain a far more complex life truth.  In this case He is pointing out that – if you are chopping with a dull axe either you must sharpen the axe or work twice as hard. If you are cutting meat with a dull knife – either you must sharpen the knife “whet the edge” or you’ll be fighting that dull knife a making a mess of your meat.  I have a few knives that for all intents and purposes useless. They just can’t be sharpened! I call them my “wicked and ungodly knives”. I keep them all together in my ‘bad company’ junk box and occasionally I cast a disapproving look at them all. They’re good for nothing. Each one falls in one of two groups. 1. Won’t be sharpened or 2. Won’t keep an edge longer than 30 seconds. I wonder sometimes how many Christians are like that with God?  You know…one of those knives that can’t be sharpened. I committed long ago that God being my helper, he would not find me a useless dull knife that can’t be sharpened by his convicting work.  Notice in Eccl 10:10 that little statement at the end of the verse “…but wisdom is profitable to direct”.  Wisdom is like that iron file that can put an edge back on the knife or axe.  It may hurt but in the end that knife will be sharp again. So as well if a spiritually dull man will submit himself to God’s file {the Bible, The Holy Ghost’s convicting} he can be made wise and then the spiritual chopping down and cutting away of things that hurt and ruin and wreck his life…those things will be far easier to chop down and cut away! Amen! also if a man is dull, wisdom will help dom will sharpen a dull man and direct his steps and make his path easier and richer.. Come worship the Living God with us at Calvary and see what words God might say to you!