The eight musicians hired aboard the supposed unsinkable RMS Titanic, from England, Scotland, Belgium and France, knew the end was ‘in sight’. The screaming, crying, shouting and horrified chaos as the sub-freezing water claimed deck after deck prompted these eight to try to lend some dignity and valor to the end by performing one last service. Their choice? ‘Nearer My God To Thee’. The beautiful hymn was written in one week in 1841 by British theatre performer Sarah Adams for her pastor who wanted a special hymn for his coming Sunday’s sermon on Genesis 28 [Jacob’s Ladder]. I don’t know why they chose that hymn, perhaps they hoped some might turn to and find God was in this place all along and they knew it not. There in that amazing piece of scripture, which you should read, we find the well-known and oft quoted verses 12-17 where Jacob {renamed by God himself as ISRAEL} awaked from a dream and said “…Surely the Lord is in this place; and I knew it not”. In our little study of the fantastic letter of Paul to his friend ‘Philemon’, we find yet another great lesson of life. *Even the direst situation affords us time to see The Lord in this place. In Onesimus’ servitude God was there watching. In his flight and arrest and imprisonment God was there watching. Imagine being a slave, run away, arrested and imprisoned. What a place to discover that “…Surely, The Lord, is in this place; and I knew it not”. Jacob was stunned to come to the realization that there, in a desert place, with stones stacked up for pillows, God was there with him. Onesimus found that same wonderful merciful dreadful loving God was “in this place, and I knew it not”.  In Sarah Adams beautiful hymn, her first line includes that what terrible trial, affliction, infirmity might come, even though it be a cross that raiseth me (speaking of course to the death Christ on the cross) still…cross though it might be; still, said Sarah, my song shall be ‘Nearer my God to thee’! In other words, whatever comes, even if it is a cross on which I shall be crucified, I will sing! Nearer my God to thee! Onesimus, locked up with Paul, finds himself in the same situation Jacob found himself in. That being that God was there…even in that dank prison. Friend, is your affliction grievous? Is your infirmity dreadful? Has your life become a barren place where your pillow is a stack of rocks? May I remind you that our God is there in your life no matter how barren and waste it may seem! You are important to him. You are important to the Great King of Kings! The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is in your place as well. Don’t underestimate your importance to God. Don’t underestimate the importance of the place God has put you. No matter where you find yourself God wants you and loves you and watches you! Won’t you come? Onesimus, could he speak to you this moment, would tell you “The God of Mercy loves you and he will make you profitable if only you will turn to him. How? Call us at Calvary Baptist Church and let us share the good news of the gospel with you today! 903-729-5924 or come and visit with us this week! Calvary Baptist Church is located at 703 E. Gillespie on the Loop across from Pizza Hut. 903-729-5924. You can join us this Sunday as we open the word of God and praise our Gentle King!