Acts 16:14-34 tells us about Paul & Silas getting arrested, badly beaten and cast into a dark and dismal prison, shackled and chained. You probably know the story, how they sang God’s praises and prayed; how God answered by shaking the prison like a rag doll, opening its doors and dropping the chains off the prisoners. Read it along with me: “…and immediately ALL the doors were opened {not some pre-selected doors, not some fore-chosen doors, no sir “ALL the doors” opened – that frustrates a lot of ‘churches’ and messes up some theological shenanigans. So does this, ‘EVERYONE’S bands were loosed’. The “keeper” of the prison was so stunned by God’s answer to their praying and singing and by the fact that these men didn’t run when they had the chance that he came in trembling and asked “Sirs, what must I do to be saved?” [Acts 16:30]. Here is where a bunch of so-called churches find Paul’s answer “frustrating”. Look what he said and what he didn’t say in response to the question “What must I do to be saved?”. Paul & Silas DID NOT SAY {well sir, if’n ya git baptized in water by such and such church under Acts 2:38 you will be saved}. *They DID NOT SAY {If’n ya speak some mumbo-jumbo in accordance with how we interpret 1st Corinthians} you’ll be saved. That frustrates some folks! * Notice they did not say {well if’n yore one of ‘em thar elected folks ya already are and if’n ya ain’t you never could git saved no-how}. No Paul just tells the man how to get saved. Why? Because the man is lost and wants to be saved and praise God he can be! Hey, notice that Paul did not say “well you have to worship God on Saturday instead of Sunday”. No he didn’t say that because that’s foolish and inconsistent with the scriptures. What Paul and Silas did say is in Verse 31 And they said, believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be saved, and thy house. Simple huh?! The keeper brings them out…takes them to his home [vs 32] (I believe they preached all the way) and when they got to his house they gave the gospel to his family and they all #1 Heard the preaching of the word of God [Romans 10:14] and they all #2 believed the preaching of the word of God [Mark 1:15, Romans 10:14] and they all #3 hearing & believing the word of God, called on the Name of the Lord [Romans 10:13] and were thereby SAVED by Grace through Faith [Ephesians 2:8]. Then that born-again jailor, with that new nature and new compassion, immediately desired to tend to their wounds from that terrible beating they had suffered. After that he and his family wanted to be baptized in water as a demonstration and in obedience to symbolize what had happened in their hearts! The question is “What must I do to be saved” and Paul’s answer [which frustrates a lot of fake churches and mistaken churches] is “believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved”. No snake shaking, no mumbo jumbo, no turn in three circles and click your heels together – just Jesus! Won’t you quit fiddling around with religious nonsense and come trust Christ! There is room for you at Calvary Baptist Church beside the vet clinic on Loop 256 in Palestine! 903-729-5924