We’ll need two great truths for our study this week: For sake of space I can’t quote all the texts so grab a Bible and go to Luke 19:12-22. Consider vs. 22 carefully and then put it on the back burner of your mind. Now go read Esther 5:11-14 {if you have time read the whole book}. In Esther Ch 2 we are introduced to a man named Haman. Reading the whole book reveals that this Haman fellow is {as they say in south Alabama} “not worth knockin’ in the head”. In other words he’s a sorry ‘no account’ excuse for a man. In our text [Esther 5:9-14] Haman gets outraged by a good and Godly man named Mordecai because Mordecai knows Haman is a wretch and he won’t bow or show reverence to Haman. As a result Haman sets about plotting how to kill Mordecai and all the other Jews as well. In Esther 5:14 Haman thinks he’s finally going to get to kill Mordecai so he asked his wife and friends how best to put Mordecai to death. Now get this…here is where it gets real interesting: His wife suggested he have a gallows built in their house and his friends all agreed with her. Can you believe she even said such a thing? Proverbs 14:3 says in part “in the mouth of the foolish is a rod of pride…” and Proverbs 18:6 says “a fool’s lips enter into contention and his mouth calleth for strokes”. Now let’s move that scripture from Luke 19:22 to the front burner. “Out of thine own mouth will I judge thee…” Haman’s wickedness is about to be reckoned upon his own head. See Psalm 7:11-17! Zeresh’s words are about to become some of the bitterest words any woman ever spoke. In Esther chapter 7 Queen Esther reveals the plotting scheming murderous plans of Haman and the King is outraged! Haman is seized and blindfolded and hanged upon the very gallows he ordered built for Mordecai. What of Zeresh? Out of her own mouth she pronounced the sentence. They arrested her ten sons and just as she had watched in horror as Haman was forced up the ladder and hanged, so too they took all 10 of her sons and hanged them on the gallows she suggested one after another. What a price words have. What terrible self-condemning words have rolled off your tongue and mine? What foolishness have we said which was recorded by God himself? Moreover what mischief have we concocted in our hearts that God saw? I don’t know about you friend, but many years ago I knelt before God at an old wooden altar and begged His mercy and forgiveness for all the foolish, cruel, hateful, vengeful, spiteful and proud thoughts of my heart and all the words my mouth has uttered which He found displeasing. I am sure that many of you reading this are aware that words may mean little among men, but God records each and every one. Thanks be to God for His forgiveness. Like many of you I’ve said some awful things. I’ve done some terrible things. My heart has conceived some wicked things, but I got a “new heart and a new start” from God’s hand of compassion. You can get one too! Come get your ‘slate wiped clean’ at Calvary Baptist Church.