Pastor Malcolm Harrison

and Mrs. Vicki

Our Pastor, Brother Malcolm and Mrs. Vicki, Harrison

Hello, I am Malcolm Harrison and pictured here is my dear wife, Mrs. Vicki I’m the pastor here at Calvary Baptist Church. It is my honor to extend a personal invitation to you from our church. I hope you’ll come to visit and that you’ll find our church heart warming and life changing. I preach the Word of God, because it changes lives forever.
At Calvary you will find a congregation of people that are excited to see you in the House of God.  Our services are refreshingly old fashioned, proudly conservative and traditional in style.  From singing out of a song book to the preaching from the pure old King James Bible we just believe in the old time way.  We would love to have you join us in a service, and we believe the Lord will touch your heart and keep you coming back for more.  
God Bless,

Serving Calvary since 2015