the blanchardsThe Blanchards have been in Australia since 2003. Their missionary journey began full time in 1998 and continues to this day. If you would like to contact them, email

james and carol denmanJames & Carol Denman-Gospel Radio Latin American Ministries

Frank & Darla Brim

Frank & Darla Brim-Brazil

john and virginia yaws John & Virginia Yaws-Death Row Chaplaincy

dr robert lemmon jrDr. Robert M. Lemmon Jr-Director of Bible Literature Missionary Foundation

phil and debbie sawilowsky Phil & Debbie Sawilowsky-Olive Tree Ministries International

Joe & Annie Decurtis-Philippines

gary and minnie bacon Gary & Minnie Bacon-Mexico

alvarez family The Alvarez Family-Belize Central America

dr. rene freret Dr. & Mrs. René Freret-BEAMS (Bible Education & Missionary Service)

smiths to mexicoThe Smiths-Mexico

jacoboasThe Jacoboas-Honduras

the javiers The Javiers-Philippines

don and patsy drake Don & Patsy Drake-US Military

ken and karen kraichKen & Karen Kraich-Seaport Ministries

johnny leslie familyJohnny Leslie Family-Croatia

The McKinneys-Warm Springs Reservation Oregon

nicolas and michaela dunnNicolas & Michaela Dunn-China

delmas and judy knightDelmas & Judy Knights-BEAMS Missionaries

jeff and regina hallJeff & Regina Hallmark-British Columbia, Canada

harold and regina pridayHarold & Lena Priday-Honduras

bradley and ronda hastings Bradley & Ronda Hastings-Native American Indians in New Mexico

haynes familyHaynes-Navajo Nation in New Mexico

butch and rhonda lockardButch & Rhonda Lockard-BEAMS Assistant Director

john and shirley peeplesJohn & Shirley Peeples-Director of IBFI Mission Agency

russ and teresa simpsonRuss & Teresa Simpson-Native Americans of Oklahoma