In May 1797 newly elected President John Adams entered the White House and his office under the weight of an ominous cloud of global politics and the looming threat of war with France. Adding to this weight was the internal divisions of American politics due to internal fighting between the Federalists and the Republicans which a vicious press had fanned to flames. Napoleon was raiding and conquering and America was torn by those calling for war and those clinging to Adam’s predecessor’s (George Washington) neutrality view on the war between France and England. “Adams knew how extremely difficult, if not impossible, neutrality would be to achieve and maintain in a world at war.” *[David McCullough’s John Adams, Simon and Schuster 2001 pg 484]. Making any action a potential danger was the incessant insult and public flaying by the  the American press who had labeled Washington an incompetent hypocrite incapable of decision and had referred to Adams as the “three vote president”. Sounds familiar doesn’t it? Some things never change. Napoleon had accurately said that four “hostile newspapers were more to be feared than a thousand pikes”. Same old same old. As it was then, so it is today. Here in 2020 as they say. Now jump to 2020 and here we are on the very day of the presidential election as I write this column. No matter who wins the presidency, the strife will continue, the accusations will fly, the anti-American sentiment will continue and the enemies both abroad and within will continue their labors to undermine, destroy property and loot. I find in this an allegory for what is really behind it all is a reality that has been pulled over the eyes of people not only in America but all over the world. There is, at work behind the scenes, a spiritual warfare far more sinister and with far higher stakes. It is the spiritual war. A war not fought in some jungle in Asia or in a concentration camp in a European country but fought in the mind and heart of people. Our enemy is one who makes Hitler, Temujin, Alexander and Pharaoh look like cupcakes. An enemy most don’t even realize exists. He’s an enemy who has so carefully concealed his identity and his weapons that he won’t even be known by the masses until it is far too late to respond. Who is he?  Lucifer [the dragon, the devil, Satan]. Billions have already fallen in this battle and billions more will fall in the years ahead. By the time you read this column the election results will have (or should have) already been determined. I do not know what those results will be but I do know that my vote was not for an individual so much as it was for an ideology which has been determined not by candidates but by precepts. As such I have voted not for a specific man but for specific principals. In Daniel’s days of captivity king Nebuchadnezzar was definitely a lunatic but God used him as a means to an end. An end consistent with the purposes of God.  As it was in Washington’s 1790’s so it is today. A position of neutrality is in fact just as much a decision for Satan as is a warm embrace. For the lost and unbelieving, neutrality is choosing destruction and not merely of life but of one’s eternal soul. For the Christian neutrality is traitorous to the cause of Christ. Calvary Baptist Church is for Christ. (903)729-5924. 703 Gillespie Rd, Palestine, Texas.