Sermons from the Pulpit of Calvary Baptist Church

Audio Sermons


Brother Stewart 11-14-18 AM

Brother Stewart 11-14-18 SS

Missionary Ken Krauch 10-24-18

Missionary Joe De Curtis 9-12-18

Bro. William Hall 8-26-18 PM

Missionary Nicolas Dunn 8-15-18 PM part 2

Missionary Nicolas Dunn 8-15-18 PM part1

Missionary Frank Brim

David Gibbs 7-29-18 AM

David Gibbs 7-29-18 SS

Bro. Lev Humphries 5-6-18 PM

Bro. Lev Humphries 5-6-18 AM

Bro. William Hall P.M. 2-18-18

Bro. William Hall 2-18-18 A.M.

Bro. William Hall 2-18-18 S.S.

Bro. Buch Lockard 10-1-17 PM

Bro. Butch Lockard 10-1-17 AM

Bro. Scott Pahlman 9-10-17 PM

Jonathan Stewart Wednesday

Jonathan Stewart Tuesday

Jonathan Stewart Monday

Jonathan Stewart P.M.

Jonathan Stewart A.M.

Jonathan Stewart S.S

Bro. Don Drake Wednesday

Bro. Don Drake Tuesday

Bro. Don Drake Monday

Bro. Don Drake Sunday PM

Bro. Don Drake Sunday AM

Bro. Don Drake SS

Brother Joe Arthur

Brother Joe Arthur

Brother Jeff Hallmart

When You Need To Grow Up

The Man of God

Pastor Malcolm Harrison

Brother Karl Ogdie, Sunday School

Brother Karl Ogdie, PM.

Brother Karl Ogdie, AM

Bro. Russell Blanchard, Missionary to Australia

The Respect Of God by Milton Rawles

Brother Richard Hinton

Brother Delmas Knight PM

Brother Delmas Knight PM

Brother Ken Kraich SS

Brother Ken Kraich AM

Brother Paul Schwanke

Brother Paul Schwanke

Brother Butch Lockard

Brother Butch Lockard