For the next few moments as we turn to the scriptures in this week’s study let me ask you to put on your thinking cap. In John 16:12 the Lamb of God has been setting forth some heretofore unrevealed doctrinal truths. He’s been talking about the Holy Ghost and His role in the world of men in the years following Christ’s return to the Father after the soon coming crucifixion. At the time these were completely new ideas, and little understood doctrinally, in essence almost completely foreign to His disciples to whom He was speaking. As they mulled over and considered the massive ramifications of His words, He added still another huge spiritual truth. [vs 12] He told them “I have yet many things to say unto you but ye cannot bear them now”. As you chew on that, let me ask you a few questions… 1. Would you agree that you did not always know what you know today? 2. Would you agree that some of the views and opinions you hold now, you did not always hold? 3. Would you agree that over the course of your life your views, your theology, your doctrinal comprehensions have changed and deepened based upon education, experiences, intellectual and spiritual growth? 4. Would it be safe to say that what you once thought you knew has since been altered as a result of these things? Lastly 5. Wouldn’t you have to agree that the more you’ve learned the more you’ve had to alter and tweak and change your views and opinions on some issues? I dare say any honest student of the Bible has had to make such corrections. That being said, still, mature Christians shouldn’t be easily blown around with every wind of doctrine; and yet we should be mindful that ‘we don’t know everything’. In fact, just as we once thought we were right on some things, we later learned we were completely wrong. So, it’s possible we may be wrong presently. I once had a young self-proclaimed preacher ask to preach at my church in Tennessee. Upon examination through questioning I learned that he was quite confused on several major doctrines. When I finished my questions, he asked how well he’d done? Poorly, I said sympathetically. He asked me to explain and within an hour as we looked at his answers and some scriptures, he completely changed his views on a handful of doctrines. I didn’t let him preach, but I did congratulate him for being humble enough to accept the possibility that he just might be mistaken in some of his views. It takes more courage to accept the fact that, just maybe, we might not know what we ‘know’ as well as we think we ‘know it’. The humble in heart will subject his opinions to the light of the scriptures and not vice versa. Jesus said, ‘I have yet many things to say unto you, but ye cannot bear them now’. What is it that God would like to say to you if only you would prepare yourself to hear it? What is it that you’re not ready to hear? So, there is my question for you. What might God say in your heart if only you spiritually prepare yourself for it?