Good Afternoon, again a delay.  Again my calendar and days are taken hostage by innumerable matters, calls, visits, etc.  For sake of frankness, let me move to the subject at hand.

May I deduce from your answers to the previous questions, which I expected to be exactly as they were phrased, that like the founder of the “Adventist” {I understand that some Adventist don’t like the term SDA} [Mrs. White of course] that you do not believe “the Bible” {by which we two mean something entirely different than the other defines it and that alone makes any realistic and honest discussion frankly impossible} – to be perfect and complete.  In all honesty Jason you and I are already Diametrically opposed on a Fundamental of THE COMMON SALVATION (Jude 3) for we can never even agree on a common definition of our terms.  2nd We are diametrically opposed or rather perhaps better to say, we are polar opposites on our definition not only of terms, and of the scriptures, BUT we are at the outset opposed on our identification of Christ as THE SON of the Living God vs the Adventist identification of Michael as Jesus (as defined in the SDA’s printing of and common use and quotation of “The Clear Word” Jude 9).

Your present denominational distinctives include and refer to the bible by a definition other than what I would consider viable. Your ‘denomination’ regards Christ by a definition deemed heretical by Christendom.  Being familiar with Adventist teachings and literature, I figured you would agree (using your denominations definitions as a basis) with some of my questions regarding the scriptures BUT I also expected you to object or at the least refuse to take a stand on the issue of the Perfection and Completion of the Scripture – This is of course borne of necessity since the Adventist must “get the door open wide enough to fit Mrs White’s and subsequent followers abhorrent teachings into any theological discussion of doctrine.

Doctrines which, to answer your original question regarding why I consider, as many Christians do, the Adventists to be a cult; for example – Contrary to the Bible the Adventists introduce a Jesus whose purpose in coming was to demonstrate that man can live sinless – that Jesus came to vindicate the Law, and that Jesus came in sinful flesh with a fallen nature.  These are just a few of many heretical teachings and any one of these few is sufficient in and of itself to establish the Adventist doctrine & founder as a cult.

Now, we could enter a lengthy heated debate but as the old saying goes “a man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still” and by virtue of your admission that you are a leader among the Adventist, you’ve already “made up your mind” and as such our debating serves no purpose Unless I miss the mark entirely you must consider my doctrinal distinctives as false, misleading, misguided and damnable. Likewise for me as it relates to Adventist teaching. So, at the conclusion we must both believe that the other is quite lost and guilty of Jude 4 denying the only Lord God and our Lord Jesus Christ. Which means one of us is this very moment in jeopardy.

Having wasted many hours debating with those whom I feared lost, I find my time better spent teaching those who will learn, witnessing to those who will hear and encouraging those who need it.  Without meaning you any offense – frankly I think there are sufficient materials sermons and writings by sound disciples of the Lord that IF indeed you wanted to take an honest look at what you have subscribed to – you could do so.  I do frankly consider much of the Adventists teaching and in fact most of what its founder wrote to be clearly erroneous and heretical.  So, surely you cannot blame me for saying what I consider to be irrefutable to a reasoning and meditative mind in my columns preaching and teaching Do you not explain to your ‘congregation’ why what you teach is ‘right’ and why those who object are mistaken?

Now, lastly and in closing – I am sure you believe what you have been taught to be correct. I am equally sure you believe what I have said to be quite mistaken or we wouldn’t be having this exchange. So since you honestly believe what you believe I do not fault you personally. Rather I fault those who misled you and the author of confusion who beguiled you.  That is not meant or intended as a personal insult to you.  Who can fault a man for believing what he has been misled into believing?

I would urge you, as I am sure you would me, to toss out ALL teachings or views NOT set forth in scripture and that in a King James Bible.

Pastor Malcolm Harrison
Calvary Baptist Church
Palestine Texas