1500 years ago, Joshua, leader of the mass of the children of Israel, was standing outside the great walled city of Jericho when he realized he was being watched [Joshua 5:13-15]. As it turned out, the Captain of the Lord of Hosts (The Lord Jesus Christ) was standing there near him with sword in hand. Appropriately, Joshua falls face down before warrior and worshipped him. As they spoke to each other, Joshua receives some famous orders; “loose thy shoe from off thy foot; for the place whereon thou standest is holy”. We took up this text in our discussion of the Scriptures at Calvary Baptist Church recently. We discussed what it takes to turn common ground and common places holy. What does it take to turn a sun baked place like Jericho into a holy place where a man would fall face down in the dirt and worship the Captain of the Host of Heaven? We say, “the presence of the King of mercy”! If then the presence of the Son of the Living God can make the very place where we stand holy, then His presence in our church makes it a holy place! His presence in our Marriages makes the marriage holy! His presence in the Gethsemane of our prayer life makes our prayers holy! His presence in the heart of a man or woman or child makes it a holy place!  The great Captain of the Host of the Lord told Joshua that the place was holy – because of the Lord’s presence.  We here at Calvary regard #1 The word of God {the King James Bible} as the Holy Bible, the words of the living God – it is a holy Bible, holy words where God tells us His will for the world, for our lives and our marriages. For many, it seems obvious that to them these holy words are just words. They regard these words as if there were nothing holy about them. As if there was no holiness in them. Consequently, for them the words have no power, no authority and it is reflected in their life where nothing is holy. #2 We regard our Prayer life as a holy place of communion with God himself. In our prayers we beseech God’s throne on behalf of our City, our Police, our Leaders, our Judges, our Firemen and Hospital staff and Doctors. We petition our Great God on behalf of one another and those with needs and infirmities and problems. We take these prayer requests before the throne of God by prayer and lay them at the throne.  I fear far too many ‘Christians’ have so underestimated the power of prayer that their prayers have become common ground, not Holy ground. Sir, Ma’am – when was the last time you knelt in prayer and sensed the Captain of the Hosts of the Lord standing near you? #3 We regard the church as a Holy place where the sweet lamb of God sits in the temple of our unity and fellowship teaching and breaking the bread of life for us. I am running out of space so let me just ask you – Is there a lack of Holy ground in your life? Do you never hear the wondrous God of kindness saying “put off thy shoe from off thy foot, for the place whereon thou standest is holy”? Not in your marriage? Not in your prayer life? Not in your spiritual labors? Then something is wrong! Calvary Baptist Church urges you to come 703 E Gillespie St 903-729-5924 www.Calvarybcpalestine.com.   Come find your holy place with us.