I hate to admit it, but the truth is I’m not perfect. Not only am I not perfect, but I ain’t even close. In fact, if I was to ‘let all the chickens out of the coop’ the truth is I’ve committed more sins since I got saved than I did before I met the Lord. Is that the case with you as well? I thank the great God of mercy for my tender intercessor the Lord Jesus Christ. He ‘ever liveth to make intercession’ for me, a sinner saved by grace. In Numbers chapter 12 Miriam and Aaron were ‘put out’ with Moses over a woman he’d married and who, as is often the case in families, didn’t have their approval. It was bad enough that they should allow their pride to blow up like a Thanksgiving Day parade float, but in this case, they allowed it to cause them to run their mouths about one of the greatest Old Testament servants. Yes sir, that pride will have your head on a pole if you let it have its way [vs 2]. Their words sound like some of the “self-aggrandizing, equality and fairness, entitlement” drivel you’re hearing everywhere these days. Ya’ll know that old prideful saying “a little too big for your britches”? Aaron and Miriam were ‘puffed up with PRIDE’ {a condition that afflicts a wide swath of society now-a-days}. However, in no uncertain terms, God put them both back in their places [Numbers 12:3-9] with one of the most severe rebukes in the book. God deals severely with pride in the Bible [Proverbs 29:23, 28:26, 16:18, 13:10]. *Pride is one of the most popular drugs of our ‘self-deceived’ society just as it has been since Genesis ch 3. But pride has always been a shame and a disgrace; a liar, a thief, and a deceiver. Remember that when you see the ‘pride’ parades and marches. Moreover, God struck Miriam with leprosy, and Aaron asked Moses for mercy and he admitted that their ‘mouth running’ was “foolish” and sinful [vs 11]. His plea is my plea “Alas, my lord, I beseech thee, lay not the sin upon us, [me] wherein we [I] have done foolishly, and wherein we [I] have sinned”. Moses then cried out to God mercy for Miriam! Watch this now, it will help you. In response to Moses’ pleadings, God said Miriam deserved this punishment for running her mouth and thinking herself equal to Moses. She should be ashamed of herself for her arrogance and pride. Moses knows that, and yet he “cried unto the Lord” on her behalf and as a result God reduced the severity of His punishment. Do you know someone who has sinned intentionally, willfully, arrogantly EVEN after they got saved? Perhaps you could be their Moses and cry out to God on their behalf? Yes, they deserve punishment! Yes, they’ve done something foolish! But how about if you and I just go to God like Jesus went for us and intercede in our prayers for the guilty?! That’s what Christ did for me! Hey, he’s still interceding for me! He ever liveth to intercede on my behalf!  That Christ would extend his sweet gentleness to a sorry scoundrel like me: though guilty and foolish I need an intercessor! Hey sir! Hey ma’am! That’s you too! You ain’t perfect yet either and you need an intercessor. One who ‘ever liveth to make intercession’ [Hebrews 7:25] for us. Calvary Independent Baptist Church here in Palestine, Texas. We’re on loop 256 across from Pizza Hut on Gillespie Rd.