Isaiah 6:1 has a phrase I want to point out – it says “In the year that’ King Uzziah died I saw…” If you will, allow me to call your attention to the words ‘in the year that…’ as we take up the thought “What in the world will be brought into my life in this coming year?” For Adam and Eve just one year brought great failure, great success, a terrible crime, a horrible murder, a son’s funeral, another son’s departure in shame and a tearful goodbye. For Noah there was a year that he saw everyone on the planet die except for his family. Then too he saw the loving remembrance of God who was with him in his life.

A year came into Daniel’s life that brought new friends, cruel and subtle enemies, betrayal, arrest and a lion’s den. For David there was a year that brought a giant, a mad king, a sling and a great victory, a terrible betrayal, a new devoted friend and a throne. There was a year that brought funerals and victories. For Job there was a year of such loss and heart ache that it’s equal is unknown among men. However, that year brought God’s tender hand into Job’s life like never before. All throughout the Bible we read of how drastically lives were changed in a moment, in a day, in a month and in a year.

In Mark chapter 5 we read about the devil possessed man of Gadara. He had been possessed for God knows how long…and then one day the King of kings and Lord of lords (my Lamb and Redeemer) stepped out of a boat and changed that devil possessed man’s life forever! I see him in my mind, years later, saying to a group of men “that was the year my life changed completely…” Can you hear him telling the story? Can you see the tears in his eyes as he shares how Christ Jesus turned his darkness to day and returned hope to his family? I hear him saying “that was the year that brought in a day where I went from naked and cursing to dressed, in church and sitting at Jesus’ feet”.

What a year that was for the woman caught in adultery [John 8:1-11]. I can see her in my mind as she tells a group of young women about the years she spent in the defilement & filthiness of adultery; of how it blackened her heart, withered her soul and robbed her of joy until the fateful day she was caught at it and dragged out to a crowd to be stoned. I see her tears of wonder and joy as she reaches the part of the story where the Son of God said “neither do I condemn thee…go and sin no more”.

Oh friend! What will this year bring in your life? In years to come will you be saying to your loved ones “that was the year that God turned my life around…”? Will it be the year you remember as THE YEAR you rededicated your life to Him? Will 2019 be the year you’ll be telling loved ones about? Or will this be just another wasted year? I remind you before it happens that there will be funerals, tears, heartaches and there will be laughter, sweet memories and mile markers of life. Make them count!