Ezekiel Chapter 33 speaks of the uselessness of a ‘watchman’ who, seeing the enemy coming, doesn’t blow the trumpet and warn the people. Verse 6 says that if they perish, it’ll be for their own sins, but their blood will be required at the watchman’s hand. As such let me challenge us Christians to remember that we are the watchmen in our country, our jobs, our schools and our homes. Let us take up the trumpet [Ezekiel 33:2] and give warning. You may be thinking “well preacher, no one is listening to my warnings”. I know, it probably seems that way; nonetheless Ezekiel 33 says for us to give the warning and if people decide to ignore it – so be it, that’s on them. So this week lets look at another good warning. Turn in your Bible to the little book of Esther. I urge you to read the whole thing, its pretty short and very entertaining and this article won’t make much sense if you haven’t read Esther. In the book we find a fellow named Haman who is about as useless as screen doors on a submarine. He’s like the idiot the boss put in charge of things and it went to his head. One of the things this guy required was that if he came by you had to bow and show him reverence.  But there was a Jewish fella named Mordecai and old Mordecai would’ve made a good Texan; he loves God and he won’t bow to no man especially a ‘hair in the biscuit’ like Haman. This of course makes Haman furious and he starts plotting to kill all the Jews and especially Mordecai. He even asked his wife and friends, none of whom are exactly intellectual giants, how to kill Mordecai and get the most enjoyment out of it. They all suggested a Gallows built in the living room of Haman’s house. Haman liked the idea and had a big Gallows built right in his living room. Long story short, things don’t work out to well for our arch-villain Haman and he’ll end up swinging from a rope on “his own Gallows” but all ten of his sons as well will be hanged on that Gallows. By now those of you who have a ‘meditative and reflective mind’ have surely seen numerous “life-lessons” and Biblical truths you can use to help people see. I would be interested to hear what you saw in how the devil used Haman’s own wife and his own friends against him.  I also notice that often the parents will build the gallows on which their children will hang. By their own example they teach their children to hate God and all things decent and good.  Did you find it rewarding to see Esther have the boldness to do right regardless of consequences? Did you notice that Mordecai prays about his actions and urges Esther to pray about her actions as well, but Haman makes his decisions by sheer ego and vanity?  Remember the old axiom “it is better to sleep on a decision before hand than to cry over it later”. There is too much to point out but I hope you saw that people like Haman often get hung on their own gallows. Isn’t it long past time for you to bring your heart to Calvary? Come worship with us at Calvary Baptist Church in Palestine. Call for directions and service times 903-729-5924 across from Pizza Hut on the Loop.