Everywhere we look things are out of their routine! This present circumstance is disrupting things on a global level and it seems all the news is negative, hateful, accusatory and disrespectful of our President. Many have died, many are sick, many are frightened and through it all the churches are empty. But consider for a moment with me – what a preview this is!  You see if you know your Bible – then you know that it is impossible for the church to be empty! John 2:29 tells us that “the groom” has “the Bride” (not her house). Ephesians 5:32 tells us that the church IS the bride!  Not the building friends – but they who gather in it. You see as we approach what true Christians refer to as “Resurrection Sunday” {the carnal world calls it Easter [Acts 12:4] which is when Herod intended to murder Peter} we are reminded of the EMPTY CROSS. You may remember that Herod murdered James just before his Pagan holiday of Ishtar and he intended to murder Peter thereafter. But an Angel freed Peter and left Herod with an EMPTY cell! We have a large wooden cross here at Calvary Baptist Church – it reminds us that our Lamb took our sins to that cross where he suffered in our place and died under our condemnation. That empty cross reminds us that there are no more sins thereon and no more Lambs to sacrifice. I like seeing so many people wear crucifixes, but I am saddened to see them hanging around the necks of so many people who, for them, it is merely a symbol of their condemnation rather than their salvation. Moreover, that EMPTY cross inside our EMPTY building just serves to remind me of the EMPTY TOMB! I wish we could gather the church / the bride inside our building BUT every time I pass an empty church building I am reminded of the Empty Tomb and of what it shall be like when those who are ‘actually saved and washed in the blood” are called up to be with their groom! Many churches are going to be empty! We call this gathering of the bride [2nd Thessalonians 2:1, 1st Thessalonians 4:17, Revelation 4:1] the RAPTURE [Rapiemur], Latin for “carried away / snatched up” from which English gave us the term “RAPTURE”. This rapture shall leave many church buildings empty as they are now! What a picture! I know we want to meet, and fellowship and we grow weary of being divided from those we love in our church family. How sad it is to be reminded so starkly by this dreadful virus and the deaths it has caused, that life is a fragile and temporal thing. It is separating husbands from wives, parents from children, loved ones from family. Death does that. When I read about the many thousands who have died by the hand of this virus, I think of EMPTY places at the kitchen tables, of weeping mothers and fathers, wives and husbands, children and loved ones. This too reminds me of what is coming when the Father sends forth his Son to call out his Bride. A wonderful picture can be seen by those who look. This terrible virus is reminding the world, if nothing else, that life does not go on unchanged forever. Visit us on the web at Calvarybcpalestine.com or find us on Facebook @ Calvary Baptist Church of Palestine, Texas. Call us directly at 903-729-5924. Don’t fear a virus – fear God.