Students of prayer, which of necessity makes them students of scripture, know that contrary to the teachings and views of the misguided, that the saying “anything is possible by prayer” is completely false. There are some things that absolutely won’t be achieved by prayer [James 4:3]. There are some prayers God will not respond to. For Example: #1 Despite your earnest, sincere, devoted pleadings – you will never get someone saved ‘against their will’. You may persuade God to convict them, to prick their heart, to reach out to them again. But if a man or woman has no desire for God’s wonderful gift of grace you can pray all you wish, God will not bypass the Cross, the Death, Burial and Resurrection, conviction and repentance and force them to accept His wonderful gift. Pray for them to be convicted and respond to God’s work! Pray for the Holy Spirit to touch and work in their heart to bring them face to face with Faith and Grace. #2 You will never, by prayer, get someone converted against their will. #3 You may pray and plead all you wish, but your merciful Father (if you belong to him) is not going to give you something that would ruin you or destroy your spiritual walk. You would not give your ten-year-old a box of nitroglycerin to play with. God isn’t going to give you something that he knows would only destroy you. You may get on your own outside of God’s will, but God isn’t going to give it to you. #4 Pray and plead and beg as you like, but God isn’t going to grant you something that is outside His will for you. Pray rather for the great King to grant you the spiritual maturity to accept his will. I have met many who were praying for something unjust, unclean, ungodly, or just plain foolish. No need wasting your time praying God to do something against His perfect will. What can you obtain by prayer? These are just a few: #1 Salvation by grace through Faith! [Ephesians ch 2] #2 A New Start! Praise God’s gentle mercy that he will let grant you a clean slate and a new start! Have ya made a mess? Have ya blown it in your life? Take it to the Lord, he’s a God quick to forgive! #3 A New Heart! Different than a new start, is a New Heart! Many who need to have a sad heart mended. Many need a broken heart repaired. Many need a sorrowing heart made glad. God is in the new heart business! Is this you? Is it your loved one or friend? God can and often does completely change hearts! Pray for those in your church or family who need a new heart. #4 A Stronger Marriage: Is your marriage in trouble? Has it drifted from God’s design and intention for what marriage should be? You can this moment begin to bath it in prayer for a complete overhaul and restoration! You might find that in a very short time God’s miraculous hand could completely change it. #5 A deeper understanding of scripture! A hunger for God’s word. Spiritual wisdom. Discernment. It is not his intention that his children be ignorant of his ways and his will. God is willing that you be more fully his. You can be! Calvary Baptist Church on the Loop across from Pizza Hut. Call for directions 903-729-5924 Check us out on the internet at Hear sermons in their entirety on Youtube: See Pastor Malcolm Harrison.