By Pastor Malcolm Harrison

This past Sunday morning at Calvary we were in Luke chapter 8 for our time with God’s word. You may remember Luke 8 is loaded down with the account of the devil possessed man of Gadara. I’d love to write about the whole chapter but this week, let me just call something to your attention. In that account [See Mark chapter 5 also] Jesus stepped out of a boat and was immediately met by a naked, bleeding devil possessed man who spent his days cutting himself with rocks, wailing and screaming and running crazy in the tombs. When he saw Jesus, the devil’s in him knew who Jesus was. They’d seen him long before he took on a body of flesh and came to earth. The devil’s in him said loudly to Jesus “Jesus thou Son of God most high” vs 28. Many cults popped up after 1800 teaching that Jesus Christ is not God. So we find it very interesting that Jesus is named in Hebrew El Gibor “The Mighty God’ [Isaiah 9:6] [Hebrew for “Eternal God” / “Everlasting Father and Mighty God”] 600 years before Jesus was born. Micah, speaking of Jesus, said out of Bethlehem would “he come forth unto me that is to be ruler in Israel whose goings forth have been from old, from (watch this) everlasting” [Micah 5:2]. Those cults and false churches will not accept that Jesus is God and from ‘everlasting’ so you will find that word “everlasting” omitted, changed and re-written in their Bible. But, anyway, take note of the fact that even these devils have got enough sense to recognize Jesus Christ IS God’s son, IS God himself. As the story continues, Jesus casts the devils out of the man {again, you can “come as you are” but you cannot stay as you came if you really meet Jesus}. That man is forever done with rocks, cutting himself, graveyards, nakedness and devils. You won’t find him in another graveyard until he gets carried to one! Jesus changes lives! Did they all rejoice for this sweet miracle of God? No. Did they all fall on his neck and kiss him for helping one of their own? No. No they got offended and scared. How pathetic! They’d rather have a devil possessed naked man running bleeding in the graveyard than to have that man get dressed, sit down and be different. So, did they bring their troubles trials and questions to him? No they demanded Jesus, Son of the Most High God, Mighty God, Everlasting Father God, El Gibor, and Daniel’s stone cut without hands to go get on his boat and go away. In so doing they condemned themselves and their children and their children’s children to the horrible place cults pretend isn’t really all that bad…that place of horror called hell. I hate to do so, but let me tell you something you’d better remember for the sake of your unbelieving loved ones and friends. An unsaved man or woman {whom the bible calls ‘lost’} can reject God and deny His Son. They can tell God to leave them alone and stay out of their life and, in some cases, He will do just exactly that. He’ll save you and change your life if you believe the Gospel!