“Ye Were In Sin…But Not Anymore…”

For the past two weeks the Lord has put on my heart to teach the book of Romans or, more specifically, to look at Romans from a DOCTRINAL standpoint. As most pastors know, any particular piece of scripture could have poetical, historical, topical, expositional and or practical applications to everyday life in it. However in these last several messages I have felt led to call attention specifically and exclusively to the DOCTRINAL considerations. One of the texts we’ve covered recently was chapter 6 verse 17 “But God be thanked, that ye were the servants of sin, but ye have obeyed from the heart that form of doctrine which was delivered to you”. Notice there that ye WERE [past tense] in other words you used to be, you have been in the past the servants of sin… and then notice BUT [as in but not anymore, not any longer since you trusted Christ and believed the Gospel]. Amen!!! Hey that’s you if you’re saved! You used to be that but now you’re a new creature in Christ! Notice too that once a person has obeyed the gospel {in other words he has “repented and believed the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ” {Mark 1:15}, then all things have become new. He isn’t any longer what he used to be! Paul says here “But ye have {past tense} obeyed {past tense}”! [Getting saved isn’t a process, it is an event]. Note now that Paul adds something critical – that this obedience to the gospel must come from the heart! Have you ever wondered why someone you know who claims to be a Christian seems to disagree with and dismiss 75% of the bible and only half the time do they make a weak attempt to comply with the rest? It is because they’ve not believed from the heart! Their mind still has the Bible in subjection to their self-intellect and the heart isn’t involved. Knowledge of the gospel is a requirement of salvation – but the gospel must be believed and obeyed from the heart – not just known in the mind.  You see I can go to an airport, see a plane headed for Florida and have every confidence that it will fly and even understand how the aerodynamics of flight work. I can ‘know’ that it is going to Florida. But that knowledge won’t get me on that plane. No my heart must buy the ticket and get in it. Notice also that the doctrine of the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ has a very specific form – it has a sequence and an order – it isn’t ‘subject to the whims and preferences of the hearer’! We must conform to it – it will not conform to us. This is Pastor Malcolm Harrison inviting you to bring a Bible and join us at Calvary Baptist Church in Palestine.  We have services at normal church times as well as Sunday school for all ages. (903)729-5924. 703 Gillespie Rd, Palestine, Texas.


Calvary Baptist Church “Trust The Bible” Column

“When You See What Bar-Abbas Saw”!

Don’t you hate it when you hear about some criminal maniac getting off ‘scot free’, on some technicality, for crimes he committed?! As a Police Officer in Florida for many years, I saw this often and never got used to it. It isn’t right or just or fair to the victims! It makes mockery of Justice! We’ve all seen some case where the criminal walked smugly away from court when everyone including the jury knew he was ‘guilty as sin’. That is just what happened at the trial of Jesus! Bar-Abbas (pronounced Bear-ah-bah) [Matthew 27:15-26] was such a terrible and notorious criminal! There “Pilot” (the Judge) knew that scoundrel Bar-Abbas was guilty and deserved the death penalty but the wicked religious leaders had stirred up the crowd to demand that he let Bar-Abbas go free and crucify Jesus Christ (an innocent man) instead. What an outrage! What a travesty and miscarriage of justice! It infuriates me to think of it. I try to imagine ‘I am Bar-Abbas’, standing there Guilty, Filthy, Deserving of my sentence, justly caught, tried and condemned! I try to imagine Jesus standing there beside me, innocent, pure, righteous and gentle. When I look on him I know in my heart he deserves a crown and I know in my heart I deserve the hanging rope. But what??!! The people shout against him! They call for me to be set free and for him to die in my place!?! HOW CAN THIS BE?! As I think on it, I find that my demand for JUSTICE and DECENCY would rightly condemn Bar-Abbas to the gallows! And when I think on Jesus, pure, innocent, right in the eyes of the Great and Terrible God, I find that my soul demands He be set free AND crowned with Majesty!  See Bar-Abbas standing there dismayed that this angry mob calls for the death of a righteous man and for the release of a violent cruel criminal. If you were Bar-Abbas {and that is the picture you are presented} Imagine the myriad of emotions that would roll like tidal waves through your heart. Wouldn’t you sense the tragedy of it? Could you keep from rejoicing that you were set free? Would you not feel at once jubilation and horrible shame?! To escape a death sentence so richly deserved but only because an innocent and pure man was sentenced for your crimes! How horrible and bitter would that freedom be? Now friend, try to imagine that after you watched this innocent Jesus die a horrible death on the cross in your place, you find out that He could have easily righted that wrong and watched you die instead. Imagine finding out that because he is merciful and compassionate He died in your place willingly because He knew that if you faced God’s judgment in your guiltiness there could be but one outcome – An Eternal condemnation followed by torment in flames [Luke 16:24]. Oh what unfathomable love! I was a Bar-Abbas too…and I was set at liberty and Jesus died in my place! What change his grace and mercy wrought in me! How about you my fellow Bar-Abbas?! Malcolm Harrison is the pastor at Calvary Baptist Church 903-729-5924 703 Gillespie Rd on the Loop across from Pizza Hut. Visit us on the web at Calvarybcpalestine.com. On Facebook Calvary Baptist Church of Palestine.














Calvary Baptist Church “Trust The Bible” Column

“Don’t You Want To Be That Man”?

For my fellow Bible believers there is an exciting story told in 1st Kings 22:1-28 [see also 2nd Chronicles 18:1-34] about a sin-sick idiot named Ahab (king of Israel) and fence straddling king named Jehoshaphat (king of Judah). It’s a story loaded to the brim with life lessons you can implement right now! In the story Ahab bribes and cons Jehoshaphat into joining forces for a battle against the king of Syria. Jehoshaphat asked Ahab if he had prayed and asked the Lord about the battle (Ahab is a lost man, so no, of course he hasn’t prayed); but he said “oh you bet buddy, sure I did” {Ahab had 400 bought & paid for liberal ecumenical casual attitude ‘preachers’ on his pay roll}; all of whom he lined up before Jehoshaphat and they all said what Ahab wanted to hear. They all said “hey boss God’s on your side so you two join up and go fight and you’ll win for sure”. Jehoshaphat had enough sense left to be suspicious so he asked Ahab “man isn’t there a single straight Baptist preacher left around here who hasn’t compromised with you and your crowd of gutless ‘preachers’? Someone with the backbone to tell us the truth?” Ahab said “yes, there is yet one man”, named Micaiah, but I hate that guy, he (1). Never says what I want to hear”! (2). He never preaches what I tell him to! (3). He’s always preaching against sin and what I’m doing! And (4). I just don’t like that loud gun-barrel straight preaching. Jehoshaphat thinks “now that sounds like one of them old fashioned fire & brimstone preachers, I need to hear that guy” and he asks Ahab to get him. Ahab’s fake preachers hit, threatened and coerced Micaiah on the way to the palace but when they finally got him in front of the two kings and pushed him to ‘tell it like it is’; he “shucks the corn” and says alright big boy if you want the truth – here it is: ‘no matter what those little lollypop preachers of yours say, God said you’re a dead man, you are going to die in this battle”. Ahab was furious, he dropped Micaiah in the dungeon, ignored his warning, attacked Syria anyway and got killed in that battle. Jehoshaphat ignored Micaiah too and came close to death as well. God in heaven, don’t we need some more Micaiah’s! Sir, Ma’am answer this question in your heart “Don’t you want to be that man”? Don’t you want to be that woman? There was JUST ONE MAN who had the guts to tell it straight regardless of who doesn’t like it; regardless of the penalty. Just One Man who wouldn’t compromise with Ahab’s preachers and their new versions no matter who doesn’t like it. Just One Man willing to take a stand for God! Just One Man can make a difference Sir! Just One God fearing mother changes everything Ma’am! Be willing to pray, teach, hold the line Grandparent! We need you to stay straight! Just One Dad willing to be bold for God even if no one else will! Jeremiah 6:16!!! I challenge you to be a Micaiah! Malcolm Harrison is the pastor at Calvary Baptist Church 903-729-5924 703 Gillespie Rd on the Loop across from Pizza Hut. Visit us on the web at Calvarybcpalestine.com. On Facebook Calvary Baptist Church of Palestine.



“Getting Back Up Again”

Many years ago when I was a K-9 handler in the Air Force, I had a few encounters with dogs that had been whipped, kicked, beaten and abused. They’d cower down and rollover and whimper into a corner at the slightest indication of aggression. It was a sad thing to see. Often it takes a long time to get them over this condition. People are the same way in many cases. Life beats them down, whips them into a corner and they too can get to the place where they just “give up”. Every effort to accomplish anything has failed them so many times they just resign and drift off into a corner to rollover and whimper. They get to thinking “Why bother…I’ll just fail anyway…I always do”. I suppose that this happens to us all in varying degrees and in different ways. Hard times, hardships in the marriage, hardships at the office, financial failures, and child rearing failures…like getting hit too many times so that we can get to where it’s just easier to quit trying and rollover in the face of life’s trials. The Bible says in Ecclesiastes 11:4 says He that observeth the wind shall not sow; and he that regardeth the clouds shall not reap”. In other words, if you look hard enough for a reason to stop trying, to not work, not labor, not make an effort, not keep on keeping on in life – YOU WILL FIND ONE! There is always something intimidating, troubling, worrisome, wearisome and disheartening. If we keep reading on down through verse 7 we are told “you don’t know whether or not you’ll fail – only God knows that so just get out there and do the best you can”. It may seem a dark cloud is hanging over your head today and you may weep the night through BUT the sun’s coming up in the morning so get up, face the new day and try again! For those of you have been beat down by life, try again…do your best…don’t quit!!  Jeremiah 33:3 says “Call unto me and I will answer thee and show thee great and mighty things which thou knowest not! Notice that God said “I WILL answer and show you”! Isaiah 41:10 says “Fear thou not; for I am with thee: be not dismayed; for I am thy God: I will strengthen thee; yea, I will help thee; yea, I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness”. Here again God said I WILL help, uphold, strengthen and I will be with you. You may say “yeah but preacher you don’t know what I am facing…it’s so hard on me right now” You’re right, I don’t know what you’re facing but I do know someone who knows exactly what you’re facing! Look to him for the strength you need to get back in the fight. Take a look at Psalm 27:13-14 where David said “I had fainted, unless I had believed to see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. Wait on the Lord: be of good courage, and he shall strengthen thine heart: wait I say, on the Lord. Malcolm Harrison is the pastor at Calvary Baptist Church in Palestine, on the loop across from Pizza Hut.  Visit us on the web calvarybcpalestine.com.  Pastor Harrison may be reached at 903-729-5924.  Like us on Facebook.

Herald Press Column for April 29th 2017 –

 “Satan’s Plan For You In This Life”

Most of you probably remember the famous account of Job who suffered the terrible persecutions of the devil: he lost his livestock & fortune, then his children, then his reputation and in the end even his wife said he should curse God and die and get it over with Job chapter 1 & 2. All of these terrible developments were the work of Satan and before we go further lets learn a great lesson. Satan, in addition to being a conniving accuser, is a consummate TAKER. He ‘took’ Job’s livelihood. He ‘took’ Job’s financial empire and his reputation. He ‘took’ Job’s children. He ‘took’ Job’s wife’s heart and her support. He ‘took’ Job’s health. It would serve you well to remember Satan is a “Taker”. BUT LOOK ON: In place of the things Satan took from Job, he also “GAVE” him some things: Anguish, Loss, Heartache, Pain, Loneliness, Betrayal, Emptiness, harsh criticisms and insult. So Satan is conniving accuser, a consummate taker AND a malicious giver. Just a quick listing of Hollywood celebrity suicides, drug addiction, alcoholism, abortion rates, runaway rates among young teens…who can doubt the source of these facts? Why would Satan focus so much effort on one man? Why would he go to such lengths against Job? Simple…because Job loved God, the object of Satan’s hatred. To turn Job against God was the goal of the plan all along! Friend, make no mistake, Satan has a plan for your life too. Since he cannot turn God from you (John 3:16) he must turn you from God! How? By LIES, DECIET, DOUBT, TAKING, ACCUSING and GIVING. He will #1. LIE to you about what it takes to be born again!  #2 He will DECIEVE you about the real Bible, what God said and what that means! #3 He will TAKE your joy, peace, song, faith, hope! He will TAKE your spouse and children, your health, your desire to serve God! #4 He will GIVE you misery, betrayal, pain, heartbreak and loneliness! #5 He will harden your heart against real church, your loved ones, your spouse, your friends, and if possible even against the God that created and loves you. Despite all the terrible things that befall Job in this amazing record, one of the great things to remember and learn is that JOB trust God through it all! God was proud of Job and loved Job for his dedication and trust…Job makes a wonderful and encouraging statement: “Though He Slay me, yet will I trust in Him” What a beautiful and sincere statement from a man who knows his life is in the palm of God’s hand! Friend, Satan has a plan for your life and God has a plan for your life. It is up to you to choose; will you permit God’s plan to unfold in your life or will you submit yourself to Satan’s plans? Service times: Sunday School for all ages 10 am, worship services at 11 am & 6 pm, Wednesday evening Bible Study & Prayer at 7:00 pm. 903-729-5924.

Herald Press Column for 21 April 2017

Putting God’s Stamp Of Approval On Things God Hates!

 We’ve all seen the USDA stamp of inspection / approval on meat we buy at local markets. It’s the USDA’s certification that the meat product has met stringent inspection, processing, packaging, shipping and handling approval requirements set in place by law. Imagine if some lunatic was to get hold of that certification stamp and started using it on unsafe half rotten meat & on poultry that was contaminated with dangerous bacteria!? Imagine if such a thing happened in the auto industry, heavy machinery or electrical service industry – where some maniac got hold of the inspection / safety stamp of approval and began certifying parts, brakes, electrical systems, fire alarms child restraint devices that were critically dangerous as if they were perfectly safe?!  The results in either case could be completely disastrous…deadly in fact. Jeremiah the prophet of God said in 14:14 “Then the LORD said unto me, The prophets prophesy lies in my name: I sent them not, neither have I commanded them, neither spake unto them: they prophesy unto you a false vision and divination, and a thing of nought, and the deceit of their heart”. Then in his Lamentations 2:14 he warned the people “Thy prophets have seen vain and foolish things for thee: and they have not discovered thine iniquity [preached the truth and shown you your sins], to turn away thy captivity; but have seen for thee false burdens and causes of banishment”. Our Lord & Sweet King Jesus warned time and again of the false prophets and their terrible false doctrine. Peter warned that there were false prophets in his time and that there would be also in ours and so it is! We see the subtle damnable heresies taught everywhere! We find self-proclaimed, self-appointed, self-called false teachers everywhere who, be it through willful ignorance or intentional wickedness, contradict the Bible and teach ‘damnable heresies’ and doctrines of devils. These have stolen God’s Stamp of Approval and seemingly slapped His approval on sinful behaviors, sinful relationships, sinful so-called ‘lifestyles’, sinful music, words, movies and entertainments {both in the world and within the church}; things even a lost person knows are defiling. Some things defile the flesh, others the soul and still others the church. To quote Paul in 1Timothy 4:1 Now the Spirit speaketh expressly [clearly], that in the latter times [we’re in them now] some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils;  We’re in tumultuous times – as any right minded mature Christian can see…not only in our country, but in our churches. Speaking as a pastor I would caution you friend; just because it ‘seems’ sincere and other churches are doing it,  doesn’t mean it is sound or God’s will! We invite you to come Trust the Bible with us and see what a difference sound doctrine could make in your life

Fundamental Baptist Doctrines,
Practices & Ideologies
Study Series
Pastor Malcolm Harrison

The following study begins with an address to a list of the alleged heresies and absurdities of the Fundamental Independent Baptist Movement
“50 indicators you might be a Fundamental Independent Baptist…”

Article #5 in this series: Let me remind the reader that I am dealing with another one of those websites where some disgruntled liberal ‘Christian’ (using the term loosely), has decided to attack the Fundamental Independent Baptist by listing 50 indicators you might be one of us! This week’s article is 5th in the series and deals with the unfounded allegation that Fundamental Independent Baptist believe:

“If you think that anything other than what your church teaches about salvation is “easy believism”, you might be an Independent Fundamental Baptist.

The Church of Jesus Christ (which it isn’t) of Latter Day Saints; The Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society, Church of God In Christ International, some branches of the Church of Christ and many others hold the view that outside of their denomination there is no salvation. Other denominations believe that “repentance” is unnecessary for salvation including some divisions of the Presbyterian and or so-called revived Puritan church believe that you’re born already saved or lost depending on the sovereign decree of God. Even some branches of the Baptist church believe that “repentance” is unnecessary, others that baptism is unnecessary. Some popular televangelists claim that the name of the Lord Jesus Christ itself and faith therein is unnecessary. In short, the argument over what exactly is saving and what isn’t has been hotly debated since the Pharisees confronted John the Baptist by the Jordan river (they weren’t impressed when he said that God could turn stones into children of Abraham should he so choose!)

However, thus far our misguided antagonist has continued to falsely accuse the Fundamental Independent Baptist of believing things which we do not (case in point – that we believe anything other than what we teach is “easy believism”).

Such ridiculous misrepresentations of the truth, in order to be successful, rely on people not having the time or resources to check into the false teaching. So in this case, as with all points previously addressed, the website author is just making up one idiotic claim after another…it calls the motive into question does it not?
There certainly is such a thing as easy believism; which is a man-made version of the gospel. On the polar opposite end of the scale is the Bible’s description of saving faith. Careful study of the Bible will demonstrate readily why so many “professors” are so glaringly not “possessors” of the wedding garment and have not been changed by indwelling of Christ himself {2nd Corinthians 5:17, Galatians 2:20}. The real Fundamental Independent Baptists adhere to Scripture – that salvation is free to ALL (not some) and that it may be had thus: A RECEPTIVE sinner (that is a person willing to see his or her lost condition and guiltiness of sin before God), believing that God is, hears God’s word and BELIEVES it to be God’s word [one who does not believe God is and is not receptive to God’s word cannot be saved until these conditions are met]. This receptiveness to God’s existence and God’s word coupled with sufficient belief of God’s word alone IS NOT saving. These two must be combined with the CONVICTING work of the Holy Spirit [without which no man may be saved]. These three may be present and yet fail to move a man to saving faith and confession of Christ. However IF these three things move a person to CONFESSION of the Lord Jesus Christ {Romans 10:8-13, 14, 16, 17, John 3:16, 36, Ephesians 2:8-9}, the heart is brought to SAVING FAITH by the work of Grace. These are simple AND easy…so easy in fact that even a child may in a few moments be brought to saving faith. Salvation IS NOT a process, but an event…for all of these requirements of God may rip through the heart in a few moments (Luke 23:40-42) and He is willing that all men should come to this end! Some, in fact many, will not…because they are not receptive, unbelieving, refuse and reject conviction and are thus unmoved to heart-born confession.

We Fundamental Independent Baptist do not believe that we alone accept these truths of God’s word, nor do we hold other denominations who believe them to be outside God’s plan of salvation. In fact our view is that there are other denominations which preach the gospel just as we do.

Fundamental Baptist Doctrines,
Practices & Ideologies
Study Series
Pastor Malcolm Harrison

The following study begins with an address to a list of the alleged heresies and
absurdities of the Fundamental Independent Baptist Movement
“50 indicators you might be a Fundamental Independent Baptist…”


Through subtlety Satan beguiled and deceived Eve with a few little carefully crafted
words… “yea, hath God said, Ye shall not eat of every tree of the garden”? I wish
she had said “yes and we don’t God or his word, so beat it”; but
unfortunately she was duped (like untold millions have been) by this subtle and
terrible little seed of doubt. Doubt of God’s word, doubt of God’s intentions,
purpose, methods…it led Eve and Adam and all the world into sin and corrupted this
world so completely that we are still today reeling from the impact.
By the time Noah comes on the scene, all of mankind has been infected with doubt and
self-righteousness. He witnessed and preached but like so many today they mocked,
laughed and derided him. “How utterly ridiculous” they said, “ how preposterous!
Why, he’s brainwashed his entire family with his narrow isolationist ideas. What a
moron… and forcing his sons to build that ridiculous ark monstrosity”. I wouldn’t be
at all surprised to find out some snowflake liberal back then wrote a book claiming
she almost married one of his sons and barely escaped being a fundamentalist
herself. I wouldn’t be shocked to find out that area ‘pastors’ said Noah is one of
the “idiots who actually believes in a perfect bible”.

Moses too suffered the fire-side whispering and plotting of Korah and his buddies.
“He goes inside that tent he forced us to make and talks to who knows what and comes
out and tells us what God wants?! Well I don’t buy his interpretations, his
twisting of facts… probably God would be honored to talk with any one of us if Moses
wasn’t hogging up all the glory for himself”! He’s even got his followers calling
him “man of God”… can you believe that?!

Even upon the cross the mockers came… Mark 15:31 tells us that the ‘chief priests’
mocking said among themselves with the scribes “he saved others; himself he cannot
save”. So also the soldiers mocked and the people mocked… make no mistake – and the
mocking continues to this day. Make no mistake, one day soon the mocking will be
over. In the meantime let me quote the men who, though certainly far from perfect,
were used of God to bring about the Bible in its pure English form, “if… we shall be
maligned by self-conceited brethren, who run their own ways, and give liking to
nothing but what is framed by themselves and hammered on their own anvil”. I take up
now the address – though it has been done again and again by other more eloquent
men, this glaringly ignorant list I have mentioned.
Since Lucifer (a name well known to countless millions of Bible believers) {which
was of course removed entirely from some so-called “newer versions”} would have
mankind doubt God’s word and subsequently His truth, it should come as no surprise
that the first 2nd and 3rd item on the list of “50 Indicators that you might be a
Fundamental Independent Baptist” is the same attack Lucifer (Satan) used on Eve in
the Garden of Eden… her faith in the Bible.
If you think that the KJV is inspired, you might be an Independent Fundamental Baptist.
If you confuse the KJV with the KJB, you might be an Independent Fundamental Baptist
If you refuse to use any other Bible version than the KJV because you think it’s
either too “worldly”, sinful or less accurate, you might be an Independent
Fundamental Baptist

*What an interesting Coincidence that this is the first attack and it comes in 3
distinct yet interwoven suppositions…

#1 If you think the KJV is inspired… Bow hunters often use a foam life-like
resemblance target called a 3D target. It’s a life like fake deer made to look real.
But it isn’t a real deer… just like this accusation isn’t real. It’s a propped up
argument. No Fundamental Independent Baptist I ever met thinks the A.V 1611 (King
James Bible) is “Inspired”. Rather, we alone with some other denominations and
people, believe it is “Preserved”; that it is a divinely preserved bible derived
from a much older set of manuscripts known as the Received Text or Majority texts.
BUT, for sake of discussion, let’s pretend for a moment that there are some “bible
believers” who use the term “inspired” when talking about the King James Bible. Here
in Texas I’ve heard many folks say “everything is bigger in Texas”. It seems
generally quite an exaggeration so far… but I know what they mean. So too some folks
say the King James is inspired… no it isn’t derived by inspiration, but by divine
preservation, but I know what they mean. They mean God himself had his hand upon it
– Webster’s Dictionary defines ‘inspire’ as to: “influence”, “move” or “guide” by
divine inspiration. The Lord has definitely influenced me, moved me and inspired me
to make decisions, take action or do certain things. So have you!? Does that mean
God inspired me? Yes of course. Hasn’t God himself “inspired” you at times? Hasn’t
He motivated you, led you, urged you on, held you back… It might seem confusing to
the unstudied if you said “God inspired me” but if you explained what you mean
they’d probably say “oh I didn’t think about it that way”.
So, the question becomes “were the men who were involved in the translation of the
King James Bible inspired”? Was King James influenced or moved, either in whole or
in part, by the Living God to cause a more accurate English translation to be done?
Were the men, imperfect and in some instances doctrinally confused, moved or
influenced by God himself to render a more accurate translation? In a way of
speaking it could be argued that they were. On the other hand it could be argued
that they weren’t. When we who are saved get to heaven we’ll find out. In closing
let me add just a thought for sake of balance. As a bible believing pastor and
servant of the Lord, if I had to choose between 100 people who believe the King
James Bible is “inspired” and 100 people who don’t any one particular bible is
inspired – I’d take the bible believing crowd all day long!
2nd I for one don’t call the King James a “Version”, for me it is THE BIBLE and all
others are merely versions. As such I say KJB.
3rd Other Bible do omit delete and are less accurate – this is a well-documented
fact. There are those who to this day deny that God exists. They’re wrong of
course. But in most of those cases it wouldn’t matter how much evidence you
displayed they’d still deny it. Some at present are arguing that Hillary Clinton
isn’t a criminal. When I was a police officer I saw many times mothers and fathers
who wouldn’t accept their child’s guilt even if he was shown on a video surveillance
camera to be committing a crime…. Some just can’t see reality. So I do not find it
at all surprising when some liberal minded “Christian” refuses to accept facts
concerning the King James Bible’s authenticity.