By Pastor Malcolm Harrison

In Exodus 32 we read that while Moses was up on Mt Sanai talking with the Lord the descendants of Jacob (children of Israel) decided that ‘who knows what’ had happened to Moses and so they demanded that Aaron “make us gods” so they’d have something to worship [Exodus 32:1]. *Note: Ironically it seems we have the same perverted thinkers among us today. Ever crafting some politically correct morally defiling golden calf before which they demand the rest of the country kneel. As the account goes on Aaron is unwilling to refuse the absurd demand and fabricates a golden calf which the children of Israel promptly set to worshipping. Sound ridiculous? Well consider that a chicken breast shaped like pope John Paul the II sold on line for $232; a ‘pretzel shaped like the virgin Mary holding the baby Jesus sold for $10,600 and a potato chip shaped like the pope’s hat sold $1,200 and a piece of toast with burn marks resembling the Virgin Mary sold for $28,000. When they finished talking God said to Moses vs 7 “Go, get thee down, for thy people, which thou brought out of the land of Egypt, have corrupted themselves” {Note that the word of God says that they “corrupted themselves”}. Vs 10 God tells Moses “Now therefore let me alone, that my wrath may wax hot against them, and that I may consume them”. That says everything it needs to say about God’s view on golden calf religion doesn’t it?!  Anyway, now we come to our text and I want you to pay close attention to what Moses does in vs 11 – “And Moses besought the Lord his God…”! Have the children of Israel shown how shallow and foolish they are? YES! Have they not proven how quickly they will bow down and worship a knot on a log? YES. It is so totally ridiculous that God himself said ‘hey Moses, sit down over there and let me just wipe these idiots off the planet and then we’ll start over and I’ll use you to make a new, better nation’. But Moses said “Lord…please don’t”. In other words Moses INTERVENED for them. He besought God on their behalf! That’s what Jesus did for you and me! So let me bring this home for you. You have some friends, some acquaintances, some family members who for all intents and purposes are just as much corrupting themselves today. They daily worship themselves, their bank, their material wealth, their body. If anyone deserved to be ‘consumed’ vs 10 by God, it is them. If anyone could be labeled as a ‘REJECT’ it is them, just like it was you. But nonetheless Moses intervened for them. So let me ask the question – are not those in your circle of influence worth you intervening for them? Are not your relatives and loved ones worth you trying again to give them the gospel? Are they worth it? God will one day consume the wicked in His justifiable wrath. Someone must intervene and plead with them to turn from their golden calf before it is too late.