Hebrews Chapter 10 vs 4 tells us “For it is impossible that the blood of bulls and goats should take away sins”. The “context” of the verse is referring to the fact that back in the Old Testament, the Jews, the Hebrews, came year in and year out to offer their sacrifices in atonement for sin {see Exodus-Numbers}. The Holy Spirit tells us that the Jews ‘had to come’ year after year and get ‘TEMPORARY pardon’ by the sacrifice of animals [specifically by the death and blood] of those animals. But, says the Holy Spirit, IF those sacrifices had been PERMANENTLY effectual to make ATONEMENT for sins then those who offered the sacrifices wouldn’t need to do so but one time.  However, they had to do it over and over again. WHY? Because as our verse says “the blood of bulls and goats could never take away sins! By the way, no one reading this article has his or her own ‘tabernacle of the congregation’ set up out in their back yard, no brazen altar on which to sacrifice bulls and goats. Why not? Because that was God’s ordained order for the Jews under the law {something we were never part of – Ephesians 2:11-12}. That is what God calls a “dispensation” [Col 1:25]. Some deny it, but there it is in the Bible just as plain as summer in Texas. God dealing with specific people a specific way.  Anyway, sin has a price [Gen 2:17, Rom 6:23] and this was God’s way of teaching the Jews that price. They had to see it up close and it taught them how terrible sin is. That blood of bulls and goats was good for you if were a Jew under the Law. But, it ain’t worth a crippled mule to deal with sin in the New Testament. I don’t know about you but I am not interested in a temporary salvation! I like that “Eternal Salvation” Brother! Great Day In the Morning!” I’m glad God gave the world ONE ETERNAL LAMB who, voluntarily offered himself as payment ONCE FOR ALL [Hebrews 10:10]. The  Bible tells us that the Son of God, because of His willingness to pay with His own blood for us, He was made the “author of ETERNAL SALVATION” [Hebrews 5:9]. Some say, well Brother do you ever blow it and commit a sin? Of course, and anyone who says he doesn’t is a liar. But praise the Good Lord I have a Lamb that saved me to the uttermost and if I do sin, the Bible says my Lamb ‘ever lives to make intercession’ for me! Amen it’s like having an eternal Lamb that gives forth eternal blood and that makes eternal atonement! I don’t have to guess or wonder or doubt. I just have to trust Jesus to do what bulls and goats never did and never could do. Really take away sin.  I guess for some “take away sin” doesn’t really mean take away sin. But in my Bible it says that Jesus doesn’t just hide it for a while, no He takes it away and that forever more. Amen!  What a hope!  What a joy! That sound like something you want? You are encouraged to come get in your place at Calvary Baptist Church. Across from Pizza Hut on the loop. SS at 10:00, Morning Worship at 11:00.