Milton, in his magnum opus “Paradise Lost”, wrote “when nightfall darkens the streets then wander forth the sons of Belial, flown with insolence and wine”. In our present day we have our own sons of Belial, burning, rioting and fomenting insurrection “…enflamed with ignorance and rebellion”. Complicating matters, it seems we have a deficit of men in positions of leadership who are fit for the times and up to the challenge. Men and women both who will not acquiesce the defense of common decency, morality and sanctity. Milton presented “Belial” as if he were an actual person but he was quite mistaken in that. Belial is more a set of character attributes that are presented in the hearts of certain men and women in scripture and in society. For example, take the two sons of Eli [1st Samuel 2:12] who were wicked and corrupt and “knew not God”. Their wicked behavior so blatantly set forth in the chapter marked them for the moniker “sons of Belial”.  2nd Corinthians 6:15 defines Belial as rebellious, wicked, corrupt. The Bible tells you the sons and daughters of Belial are the hateful, malicious, wicked, corrupt types. In 1st Samuel 25:17 the famous peacemaker Abigail was married to a man named Nabal and any normal southerner would’ve known at a glance that ole Nabal was worthless as a wooden frying pan. Even his servants regarded him as a “son of Belial” and warned Abigail that her ungrateful, insolent, Nabal was about to get them all killed. Sometimes you can smell the rain before it falls. I don’t know about ya’ll but I smell rain if you know what I mean. The scriptures are bearing out just as we were told. Perilous times [2nd Timothy 3:1] have  indeed come and these fierce [2nd Timothy 3:3] sons and daughters of Belial who “despise those that are good” and hate authority seem to be the only cow in the herd for the news media.  Solomon said, “Because sentence [which entails seizure, arrests, incarceration and trial] against an evil work is not executed speedily, therefore the heart of the sons of men is fully set in them to do evil”. In short, because we let the rebellious and insolent run wild AND have not dealt with them in a decisive and swift manner, it has emboldened them to push the boundaries of criminal and immoral behavior. What has been the result? The America you and I grew up in has been stolen from our children and grandchildren.  I keep hearing people say “it’s the new normal”. Tyrants of history have said “by skillful use of calamities and propaganda you can make a people see even a wretched life as a paradise; to see their freedom as an enemy”. Many have asked where America figures in the end times prophecies?  Those of you who have reached that level of life where you are able to see and consider Biblical truths unfiltered by the opinion of self or man must realize as I do that America doesn’t find footing in the end times.  Is this because we permit these sons and daughters of Belial to become tomorrow’s tyrants? The America I grew up in exists only in the pages of my mind’s history. I begin to wonder now if the America my children’s children are facing will resemble it in any way?    Come and join us at Calvary or visit us on the web at  We’re across from the Pizza Hut on the loop. 903-729-5924.